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    Frozen in Photo Downloader

      PLEASE HELP. I am newbie to album starter and to the forum. I am frozen in adobe album starter 3.0 Photo Download mode. It grabbed pictures from my picture card, but now is frozen in the Photo Downloader mode, with a text box that reads: "Sending to application...Please wait." But it has been like that for many hours. I appreciate any help so that I don't lose these photos, which already are gone off my picture card. Thank you.
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          SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME and I finally logged of and can't find my pic's!! It had asked me if I wanted to delete pic's from camera, and I said no, then ADOBE flashed on saying registed now or later I hit later then next thing I knew it said pic's have been deleted from camera and system froze. NOW I CAN"T FIND MY PICTURES WHERE ARE THEY IN MY COMPUTER PLEASE HELP!!! They were my husbands and he is MAD!

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            Can you please reboot the computer and try importing the files again?

            Please make sure that Album Starter edition is closed and not running in the background in the process list.

            Please let me know does this solves your problem.