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    Systray icon

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      Is there a way to stop SE V3 from putting an icon into my Systray?

      I have removed it via Msconfig startup, but it just puts it back.
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          Well, I have to add to the discussion to get on the mailing list for answers.. but since you posted this in October, it doesn't look good.

          Generally, I dislike programs that put stuff in my startup without my permission, and without giving a nice obvious way to turn them off.

          I get sort of tired of SE popping up every time I put in a USB stick that has a picture on it.

          It pops up, then windows pops up, then my Pentax software pops up, then...

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            I did get rid of it, but I had to edit the Registry...

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              I decided to just chuck the program. I don't mind programs that try to be helpful and pick a default that makes life easier for people. But they should give a nice clear option to turn off anything that is not absolutely necessary to the functioning of the program.

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                Try to rename the executable to SOMETHINGELSE.EXE or ORIGINALNAME.ZZZ.EXE (Choose a convinience name). Since the registry entry search for the original name, wantload it. You always can load it manually (double-clicking it), or if you change your mind to rename it with its original name.
                By the way MSCONFIG its pretty inconvinience (actually it isn't a user utility. Its a server administrator tool).
                Try to install a Startup Manager. I currently use Starter (Freeware). The most popular is WinPatrol (Freeware). But there are many more out there. You can easily found one.

                You can search at Freeware section of Snapfiles for Startup Managers http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/system/fwstartup.html
                or at any download and review site you use to work with it.
                Best Regards and Merry Christmas to everyone!!! :-)
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                  SORRY!!! :-(
                  I just forgot it.
                  The default path for tray executable is:

                  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps

                  and the file is apdproxy.exe
                  At my system I renamed it at apdproxy.BAK.exe

                  Thanks!!! :-)
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                    Thanks Giorgos! I have been struggling to find a quick fix for that thing for ages.
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                      Hi Colin!

                      Thank you for your kind words. :-)

                      Best Wishes!!!