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    Photos are read only

      I store my photos on my local data server. They import just fine and can view and tag them as needed. If I try to edit the photo (rotate, autofix, etc.) I get a message stating:

      Cannot Rotate Original File
      The photo X cannot be rotated losslessly and written back to the original file.

      This is a read only file.

      and edited copy will be created for the rotated photo


      After clicking OK, which I don't want to do, the photo (or copy) is rotated. I try to rotate again and get this error:

      Read-only File
      The file X_edited.jpg is read-only and cannot be edited.


      I understand that I can make one change then replace the original with the edited version but to do that for each and every edit will not be practical.

      I do not get this error when editing a picture stored on my local drive.

      Any ideas?