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    unwanted start up of photoshop album starter

      every time I connect my camera to my PC the photoshop album starter opens. I like the program but I want to choose when to use or not to use. If I can't make it stop I'll have to delete it. Can it be done?
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          HELP!! I am Sooo Mad!! I pulled up my pic's and it said do you want to delete from camera I said NO, But at same time ADOBE Register Now or later came up, I said later, then it said pic's have been deleted from camera, and it FROZE saying they were being downloaded, BUT could not get out of system, so I just logged off, but they were still on other user site when we went on later, BUT NOW THEY ARE GONE!!!! Are they in my computer somewhere, how do I find them, because they are not in my Adobe File when I pull up other pics!

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            Hi John,

            You can disable that through the icon for the Adobe Photo Downloader which must be present at the right bottom corner of your desktop (adjacent to system time)in the windows status bar.The icon is usually a camera with a downward green arrow.You just need to right click on this and click "Disable".

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              Hi there,

              My problem is sort of related. I'm confused between the Adobe album starter, and the Adobe elements 6 that I bought recently. I'm a novice, but want to use the Elements. Somehow I've got pictures in both.

              I need to know how to get the pictures out of the album starter, if I don't need it.

              Then again, I'm trying to e-mail a picture to myself from Elements, and nothing is happening.

              I'm so confused. Can't I just use the one program?

              Thanks so much
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                Hey Aronia,

                You can import your images in PhotoshopElements6 immaterial of there presence in Photoshop Album Starter Edition.So, let's take your questiona one by one.

                1)As far as getting your images out of album starter is concerned, album starter is not a software that stores your images. It just keeps the location of your images in a catalog. So, if you want to get your image out of album starter and into PhotoshopElements.

                -Get the location of images in starter edition by right click, select properties and click on the folder icon at the bottom of the properties dialog box.

                -Now Launch Photoshop Elements(Organizer) and drag and drop the images to it or go to File menu, select "Get Photos from>Files and Folders", browse to the location of the images and click on Get photos.

                -Once you have transferred all your images tp photoshop elements you can uninstall album starter and keep just one application on your system.

                2)The email workflow in Photoshop Elements is as follows-

                -Launch organizer.
                -Select some images
                -Go to the Share tab
                -Select Email attachments/Photomail
                -Then proceed as per the directions.

                You might have got stuck due to some network problem. Can you please tell me which mail client are you using and where exactly did you get stuck in the workflow?

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                  Hello Chhaya,

                  Thanks so very much for answering. I'm busy working long hours for a few days, but will get back to you, and my photoshop problem on the weekend. I use Firefox and Thunderbird for e-mail.

                  I'll get back soon.

                  Thank you, again!