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    Unable to uninstall Starter Editions 3.0 and 3.01

      I have previously had Starter Edition 3.0 installed on my Windows XP O.S. but it was deleted in error. Use of the "Search" facility shows that there are NO Photoshop folders or files now installed in my system. I downloaded Starter Edition 3.2. with a view to starting over again.When this program attempted to install, it soon displayed a message that it had encountered previous Starter Edition programs and would remove them. It could not do so. The "Add or Remove Programs" facility shows that Starter Editions 3.0. and 3,01 are still installed, which is not possible. When an attempt is made to either repair or remove 3.0, a message is diplayed, stating "Internal Error 2753 ADS 2 EXE", and then, when "ok" is clicked, "Fatal Error during installation". When an attempt is made to remove 3.01 it very soon shows a message "Installation interrupted,Starter Edition 3.0 is either not installed or is in need of repair" Any suggestions as to how to remove either programs from the O.S. or the whereabouts on the Adobe websites that I might find a solution would be much appreciated. I have tried downloading Starter Edition 3.0 afresh and reinstalling but it will not install and the same messages continue to be displayed. Regards - Maurice.
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          Hello to those who have viewed this thread. I have now resolved my problems by downloading,installing and using a free software from a search engine. The software, Revo Uninstaller 1.5, the latest version available to me, has fulfilled it's work on each occasion and always at the first attempt. It can even clear up after itself. I hope that this info. will be of help to some of yourselves. I now regard this thread as closed and would like to thank those that have helped. Regards - Maurice Nutting.