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    Restore deleted photos

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      I inadvertently deleted several photos; is it possible to restore them. They are not in my recycle bin.
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          If you deleted them from your harddrive no. If you deleted them from
          PSA... yes. Just do a search for them with the Get Photos and tell the
          software where to look.

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            i accidently deleted photos from "my catalog". How to I serach for them in "get photos"? What do I type in and which option???

            Thank you!!
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              Hi Wendy,

              As long as you did not say "also delete from Hard Drive", just go
              through the same process you did previously.

              Get Photos, By Searching, All Hard disks, and then set the smallest you
              want. For example icons are also images, but you might not want to
              include them in the search...

              then just click on search and you're away.

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                thanks for the advice, but I looked in "get photos", then "files & folders", "C" and the pictures were not here. Others photos that existed before yesterday that I deleted yesterday were there, but not the ones I downloading from my camera yesterday and dragged to collection. After dragging them I deleted from catalog and as I did that, they also deleted from the collection. Maybe because they were not saved yet to the catalog prior to deleting??
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                  Hi Wendy,

                  I think a few tests are in order before you do anything more with your
                  pictures to ensure you don't lose them.

                  Can you tell me first how you generally save the images to the HDD from
                  your camera?

                  Second, when you said delete the catalog, I blinked a couple of times.
                  What are you call the catalog? It sounds to me like you are talking
                  about the organizer window. Is that possible? It is the one that shows
                  all the thumbnails. In any case, if you could just let me know from the
                  beginning, how you get the images on the HDD... that would be a good start.

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                    Hi Jim,

                    If he has deleted photos from hard drive, still it can recovered with the help of photo recovery software. I have been used a software stellar phoenix photo recovery utility which recovered my lost images from hard drive. In manual they have described something that if you delete data from hard drive, it doesn't delete untill you overwrite it.

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                      Hi all,

                      As far as I think, images deleted from the hard disk won't be recoverable.

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                        I have had the same problem. I'm wondering if you use system restore to a time before you deleted the photos, would you be able to get them back??
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                          turned on my computer and said file missing or file corrupt. only way to get computer on was to do pc recovery and discovered all my pictures are missing. I see them on the photoshop album starter but can't find the origianl file.. can these be recovered by using the photo recovery software..stellar pheonix software will it help my problem?
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                            This application only catalogs. It does not actually do anything to the
                            image placement unless you do. You might consider searching with Windows
                            Explorer first. As to recovery software. The consumer stuff usually
                            needs to be on the computer before you have problems... however you
                            could try a local computer shop to see what they can do.

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                              Hi Jim, You seem to be the expert on this program. I have the same missing photo problem. I'm using XP and photoshop 3.0.I've lost 204 photo's added on 1-4-08 and before. All photo's added 1-5-08 or later are great. I can pull them up and copy, print or email as I prefer. The others I still have in my catalog but file can't be found. I've done about ever search that I can think of. If I right click on a good photo, under properties, it gives me the complete location. The missing ones all show up as C:\....\ and a date. Any ideas that I might try. Thanks in advance Mike
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                                Hi Mike,

                                I have too. I've just never been able to find out why. The most common
                                issue has been the missing unlock code.

                                Anyway, hopefully you understand, I am just a user like yourself. I just
                                like to help out.

                                Now to your problem. You say you can copy, print etc as you need to, but
                                cannot find them. Is that correct? If so, then the images are definitely
                                on the PC. When you see the /.../ that is just the applications way of
                                truncating a long address. If you go to the location, you should be able
                                to see the file. Have you tried Reconnect?

                                Basically if PSA SE doesn't think that the image is there, you'll see a
                                broken icon, otherwise the image IS still there.

                                Hope that gets you started.

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                                  Thanks Jim for your response. I can access only the latest photos (dated 1-5-08 and later) The earlier ones , I can't locate. I have tried to reconnect without any luck. I did a search for individual photos with no luck. I did search on C drive, hidden files photos and every other category listed, but nothing. All missing photos have the broken red square at the bottom indicating broken path. Any other ideas? thanks. Mike
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                                    Hi Mike,

                                    Two suggestions, neither of them very pallatable.

                                    1. There is a way to enhance the thumbnails of the images you currently
                                    have. I'll see if I can find those to get SOMETHING back for you;
                                    2. A professional data recovery firm such as those associated with HDD
                                    companies like Western Digital should be able to recover the images. You
                                    may not be aware of this, but hard drive unless the area is virtually
                                    destroyed retain a magnetic image of the file even after it is deleted.
                                    However these companies are not cheap if they do it. They also sell
                                    software that can help. I was just looking into this last night for a
                                    completely different reason. One of my drives actually died and I wanted
                                    to see what I could do on my own... if the drive functions as it does in
                                    your case, you can trial out their software. If you ever need it again,
                                    you can buy it, otherwise, you are not out of pocket. If you can't
                                    understand it, you can send the drive to them. Now... having said that,
                                    if they do it, it costs about 500-600 dollars US. I don't have a choice,
                                    but you might.

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                                      I deleted an mpg file from adobe photoshop 2.0 starter, several months ago, and I have found it again using a file recovery software. It is saved as a shortcut, and whenever I try to reconnect it back to photoshop, i can't see it in the folder that it is saved in. I would really like to get this mpg file back. Have any advice? Pleaase help! Thanks

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                                        Hi KL,

                                        Can you confirm that you recovered the file and not the shortcut itself?

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                                          Only recovered the shortcut! Is that good or bad?

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                                            Hi Kenric,

                                            That is very bad. If I can give you an example. Let's say you are
                                            looking for a building... maybe a museum. You find the address... only
                                            to find out that they tore down the museum.

                                            You could try a different recovery software or take it to a professional
                                            company. They COULD recover it, but it might be costly.

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                                              This may be too late for the original query but may be of use to others as well...  You can often successfully recover deleted photos from a PC, camera memory card or USB Memory stick, it just depends on what’s happened since the photos were deleted.

                                              When you delete photos the data itself isn’t deleted, just the index entry that says where the data for those files is located. The space containing the deleted photos is also now marked as free space so it is available to the system for any new files to be written there instead.

                                              If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted photos so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned.

                                              If the deleted photos are on your PC, use another PC to browse the internet for a solution as internet browsing causes lots of temporary files to get written to the disk. Download any photo recovery software, for example, to a memory stick, plug that in the computer with the deleted photos and run it from there.

                                              If the deleted photos are on a memory card or USB memory stick, just don’t save any new files to it.

                                              One of the easiest ways to see if you can recover deleted photos is to try some photo recovery software.  A good tip is to try the free trial version of a commercial product that will scan the device for deleted photos and show you exactly what photos can be recovered. At least that will show you if you can recover the deleted photos or if it’s too late already. You can find more useful information on photo recovery at http://www.recoverdeletedpictures.com

                                              Hope that's useful.

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                                                This is for all who passed out from the situation of photo lost after accidentally deletion of photo or any other reasons. it might be possible that you have accidentally deleted your photo from PC or from memory card, camera, USB etc. and this become the reason for you trouble. But hopefully you need not to be panic so much as you can recover them again.


                                                Whenever you delete any photo or any data from hard drive even after "Shift+del", your photo remain in the hard drive. It not just permanently deleted from there only index reference will deleted.  You can recover at that point. But you have to take any step before it become too late for recovery. There are many photo recovery software are available in the market which efficiently recover your lost photo from any storage media device irrespective of any reason of deletion.


                                                You can use very best software for that. Try the trial version of that software. In trial version, software corrects the problem and recovers all the deleted or corrupted photos. You can see them but you cannot restore them. To restore them you have to buy the software. Download the authentic software that maintains the data integrity so that you won’t loss any other photo at the time of the recovery.


                                                Download photo recovery software from here and restore deleted photo from hard drive, memory card, camera or just any storage media.

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                                                  If you delete files directly using shift+delete and then these files must be recovered, you can use 'undelete' or 'data recovery' sofware, such as:


                                                  'Advanced File Recovery'


                                                  My suggestion would be Advanced File Recovery on http://www.advanced-file-recovery.com/  because of it's simplicity (when installing and using) and it's relatively small size. Besides, this tool can work directly with different media types: hard drives, memory sticks, digital camera memory cards etc.

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