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    Adobe Photo shop 3.2

      How do I send pictures that are in photoshop to MY PICTURES folder?
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          With this particular version Bob, you don't really, but you can do it in
          an indirect way.

          Select the image that you want and right click on it. Then click on the
          icon that looks like a windows folder on the bottom. This will open
          Windows Explorer to the folder your image is in. Unfortunately, it does
          not select the picture so you'll then need to find it in that folder.

          After that, cut and paste the image into My Pictures.

          After you are done, in PSA click on File, Reconnect All Missing files
          and it should reconnect the thumbnail with the original image you moved.

          Now the other problem you will face is, if the images are in multiple
          folders, you will have to go back and forth. If they are in one folder,
          just move them all at once.

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            I have pictures on Adobe Photo Shop 3.2 in the Photo Well. Below each picture is the date and a caption I added.

            How can I get the pictures to print out with the date and caption, at least my caption. When I print them out neither the date or caption are below the picture.

            Thanks for any help!