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    Photoshop Album 2.1 vs Starter Edition 3.0?

      We started using PSA 2.0 (full version - not starter edition) when it first came out and loved the user interface. When Adobe quit supporting PSA, we switched to Elements and hated the way the user interface to the album had been changed, so we went back to PSA 2.1 and that's what we still use. However, sometimes it puts up a "operation failed" message, and usually when you quit it puts up the "encountered an error and has to quit" message. It has been doing this for years and nothing ever gets lost. I do nightly incremental backups of the computer so I'm not hugely concerned about losing everything, but it would be nice to have a properly behaving program.

      I see that there is a PSA Starter Edition 3.0 now. Is this actually a progression from PSA 2.0? Would I be better off updating to PSA SE 3.0 or would I actually lose functionality from PSA 2.1?

      Sure wish Adobe hadn't quit supporting Photoshop Album, or at least done a better job of retaining the user interface when integrating it into Elements.