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    How to set APSE 3.2 to save original?

      Hi all

      I have just replaced Kodak easy share with APSE 3.2 and am very happy with the change except that saving files is a real pain.

      I edit about 40 pictures a day and I want to be able to press the save button and have the photograph I was editing saved rather than saving to a new file.

      If this is not possible then can anyone recommend an alternative sofware package that will do this.

      It is a very major issue for me.

      Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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          Hi James,

          The major competitor to PSA is Picassa, but I just checked and it does
          the same thing. I don't really know much about GIMP on Windows, I have
          used it on Linux and it seemed alright. I don't know what else to tell
          you at this point.

          PSE gives you the option to overwrite as I recall, but it is not free...
          so... Not sure if that helps, but it gives you a start.

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            Thank you so much.

            I use gimp on windows which is absolutely super for image editing but there is no catalogue. I use this for banner and backgrounds for web sites.

            I used Kodak Easyshare for eBay listing photos as it came with my camera and it had it's good points but a lot of really bad points not least of which was my P.C. re-booting every time I removed the camera from the printer docking station.

            The editing was clear and sharp and the albums were good though.

            I tried Picassa before I tried PSE and just did not get on with it.

            I really like what I have seen so far with PSE apart from the saving option plus the actual editing process is not as intuitive as Easyshare but I'm getting used to it.

            I might look into the paid for bit that does what I need but that would mean I would expect more from the actual editing process. For example full screen photos rather than small pics when editing.

            Than you for the reply.

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              If you want to look at PSE, you might consider looking at the trial
              version... Obviously it's free for 30 days and I would think that will
              give you a sense of whether it is going to meet your needs or not.

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                I'm having similar problems saving originals... I've read the PDF help pages 12-13 regarding fixing photos...I understand that both the original and the adjusted or edited photo can be viewed in the "Before & After" window of the Fix PHoto dialog box.

                My question is, is there a setting or way to save both the original/before photo and edited/after photo, so that both appear in a saved file, burned CD, or slideshow?

                A paid version or feature was mentioned. Are you refering to upgrading to another version of Photoshop?

                Thanks, Todd
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                  Hi All,

                  In PSE, this is basic funda to same thed ited version is version-set where top item is always the latest edited version. In case you want to remove the older version. Go to version and delete it by saying 'Delete from Hard Drive'.

                  But many of PSE user like version-sets. I personally like this because I used to edit one pic in diferent ways and I can easily keep all versions in version-set which help me to select best one later.

                  + Ripple