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    Camera recognition in SE 3.0

      PSE 3.0 came preinstalled on my Dell computer. I have used it rarely and am by no means proficient with 3.0 but have always been able to figure things out...until now! I recently bought a new Kodak C813 and for the price, it's a fine point and shoot camera. I like PSE 3.0 better than the Kodak Easy Share program because it lets me do a little more with the editing of the photos, but here is my problem. PSE will not recognize my camera. I go to the toolbar at the top and click the arrow beside the camera icon and my menu drops down as it should. Then I click to get photos from camera, cell phone ect. A new screen opens for the photo downloader as it should. At the top right of the download screen I click on select device and get my dropdown menu and there are several options but my camera is not one of them. I'm thinking no problem, there is an option to refresh list and my camera just isn't on the list yet so I'll refresh. I do this and I still don't have my camera on the list. I make sure my camera is powered up and it is, I unplug and plug my USB cable and I hear my sounds letting me know that I have a connection to the USB port. Now I repeat the whole process and still, my camera's not on the list! I've been scratching my head trying to figure this out for about 2 hours now to no avail. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I don't think it is the camera or USB cable or connection because just a few minutes ago I gave up on it because I needed some prints quick and used another program. I still want to use my 3.0 though!
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          This forum is for Album. You need Photoshop Elements

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            Thanks, but one more question I don't have Elements on my computer. How have I been using Starter Edition 3.0 and downloading Photos to it for 2 years now if it isn't supposed to do it? Now I AM confused!
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              I am missing something here. Your first message stated that you had
              Elements 3.0 on your computer. Perhaps it was a typo?

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                Well, not exactly. I failed to spell it out as Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0 and just put PSE 3.0 . I just reread it to be sure and nowhere did I say Elements. I always said PSE 3.0 and once just referred to it as PSE when I said, "but here is my problem. PSE will not recognize my camera." Sorry for the confusion. Guess I should have spelled it out."PSE 3.0 came preinstalled on my Dell computer" is what I opened with.
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                  Sorry to go back and forth on this, but just so you understand how we
                  communicate the acronym for future reference, PSE stands for Photoshop
                  Elements. PSA is Photoshop Album, and PSA-SE is Photoshop Album Starter
                  Edition. This last one is often just shortened to PSA in this forum, but
                  we never seem to use PSE... this was the source of my confusion.

                  Now... to your problem. In some cases in newer cameras, the software
                  might not have the ability to recognize it if the drivers were not
                  writtent be compatible with PSA.

                  Are you using Vista or XP? If you are using Vista, you might consider
                  downloading 3.2. This may or may not help.

                  The other thing that you can do will take an extra step, but at least
                  you'll get the images cataloged. Download the images with the Kodak
                  software, then close it. Open up PSA, and click on Get Photos from
                  Folder and pull them in from the folder that Kodak just created.

                  Does that get you started?