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    Hanging while starting up PA SE 3.2 on Windows XP Service Pack 3


      I am new to these forums so if I am doing things incorrectly, please let me know and any guidance on proper procedure will be welcomed.

      As with Hans Douma, I have been using Photoshop Album SE happily for a long time and all of the sudden there was a problem loading photos from my hard drive. PA stopped dead in the middle of the loading process and since then I cannot get it started up again. It hangs while it is displaying the opening screen (hangs on the Model Portion). I tried to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling 3.2 (several times) but that didn't help either.

      I have read all the info posted on this problem and it is very worthwhile but I am still stuck. In Hans Douma thread on Aug 8, 2007 there are several references to Folder Table and reference to a nonexisting record that sounds like a solution that may work for me. However I am not familiar with this table or the process for identifying a nonexisting record.

      So any help/direction/information on the Folder Table such as the file name, accessing it, modifying it and how do I identify the reference to the non existing record will be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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          I have found a fix after doing additional research through this forum. Tech Note #328730 addresses this problem and it works for Photoshop Album 3.2 even though it was written for release 1.0.

          Here is a link that will take you directly to the Tech Note:


          When using this fix the Tech Note indicates:
          "Imported image data and tags are lost when you re-create the My Catalog.psa file, so you need to reimport images and reapply any tags"
          however it did retain the captions (at least it did for me).