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    Using other storage media for photos

      PSA Starter Edition 3.2 has a dialog box to facilitate storing photos on CDs, thereby freeing up hard drive space on my computer. However, I have LOTS of photos. I wonder about using flash drives instead - each one can hold so much more. I can't find anything in PSA SE 3.2 to guide me in doing this. I know I can copy the files from Windows Explorer onto a flash drive, but that doesn't free up the hard drive space. I can copy to the flash drive and then delete the photos from the hard drive, but then the thumbprints will disappear that remind me of the photos' existence, preserve the tags, and tell me which CD to go fetch if I want to do something with the photos.

      I also wonder which will last better as long-term storage: CDs or flash drives.

      Does anybody have and experience with storing large numbers of photos? CDs? Flash drives? Other media?

      By the way, I actually like the way PSA makes it easy to find, sort, and label photos. I find that its simple editing tools are all that's needed most of the time, and the photos are easily imported into PS Elements for more complex editing when needed - although then the file extension changes and PSA can't find the edited photo any more! Oh well, nothing's perfect.

      I hope someone out there has experience with long-term storage of large numbers of photos.

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          Hey Sarah,

          You can move your pictures to the flash drive through explorer and then reconnect your thumbnails in Photoshop Album Starter Edition to the images through File>Reconnect>Browse and mentioning the flash drive path for few pics.

          Afterwards you can let the images get reconnected automatically as it will now take place faster once the application has located the path. Ensure that all the images have been reconnected and then remove the flash drive from your USB port. I think that your files will be shown as offline files indicated by an icon that looks like a CD at the corner of each image.

          Hope that you find this information handy.