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    how do i backup pics?

      Hi everyone, have adobe photoshop album starter edition, i want to back up my pictures on an external hard drive... Is this possible? Or can i only burn to a cd??? Thanks!
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          I got this from a previous forum response and it works. It is a "workaround" however.
          1. Select "edit," then "preferences" then "email."
          2. In "send Email using list," select "others (Save to Disk)."
          3. Click the Browse button and select the external hard disk.
          4. Click OK to save preferences.
          5. Select the images you want to back up.
          6. Click File...Attach to Email.
          7. Select "individual attachment" option.
          8. Select "Leave As Is" option in the Size list.
          9. Click OK.

          It will take some time but all your images will be copied to the external hard drive. Good Luck.
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            Mr. Gershman, I tried what you recommended, but did not see the option to save in "external hard disk"
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              mawmawanne, that depends on whether you have one connected, If you click on my computer your external drive should come up. They have different names etc so it depends what yours is called.
              Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been successful in backing them up!!
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                In PSE you can Backup and restore catalogs but there is no such option in PASE. Please share if someone knows any good workarround.

                Now I use PSE so happy with its cool functionalities...

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