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    Exporting Pictures

      I would like to temporarily move some of my Album pictures to Photoshop Elements, which gives more scope for editing. Can someone out there tell me how to do this?, any help will be much appreciated.
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          ukgaurav Adobe Employee
          Launch Photoshop Elements. Click Edit. This will launch editor. Open your images now , edit them save and use.

          You can also launch organizer from welcome screen and import your images here and do minor editing.
          Let me know if you have any comments.
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            Thank you very much for your input. I think I may be losing the place here because I cannot understand your instructions. I know that Photoshop Album Starter allows some limited editing but for my needs is just not enough, for instance there is no facility for ''straightening'' pics. I thought that being Adobe there would have been an easy way to import pictures from the album into Elements for extensive editing. If I click Edit in Elements all I get, apart from the last three items, is a grayed out menu. Am I being stupid here?.
            Best Regards.
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              ukgaurav Adobe Employee
              Elements is too simple to use for general editing. Open any image in editor. Under menu location Image->Rotate there is an option to straighten /crop etc.
              If you have to some minor editing operations you can use Process Multiple Files under File menu in editor to process large number of files.

              When you launch organizer all you have to do is click on File menu and choose different options to import as per your use.

              When you click edit in welcome screen, this would launch editor. Are you not seeing this?
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                I wonder if we are talking about the same programs here!...Although Elements editing properties are not qute up to CS2 standards they can cope with most things. In Adobe Album 3.2 the editing, is entirely automatic, no manual editing is possible and the Crop facility is on it's own with no ''Straightening'' available, also I don't see any ''Welcome Screen''. Strangely enough Adobe Album gives an option to ''Upgrade'' to Elements which I don't quite understand, Elements is an editing program while the album is a storage facility.
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                  I think the problem here is that my copy of Elements is missing some important items. This is the first edition of Elements and I have just been looking at the latest edition No.6 and there is quite a difference.
                  I now understand what you have being saying to me and I think that I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the updated version of Elements.
                  Thanks once again for you valued input.
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                    I would like to buy a book on how to use Photoshop CS3 Extended. I would appreciate any advice on a suitable book, I would class myself as an experienced beginner.
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                      You're in the wrong forum. This is for Photoshop Album, a consumer
                      product. I suggest you go to either Photoshop Windows or Photoshop Mac
                      depending on your platform.

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                        ukgaurav Adobe Employee

                        You can go for new just release version of PSE 7.0. It should be available by now on order.
                        Apart from this you can search for tutorials online and learn photoshop. Alternatively try buying CD of total training of CS3 which i found the best way to learn along with e-tutorials etc.
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                          Thanks for the input which is appreciated.
                          Kindest Regards.