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    Transfer TAGS to a new computer

      I have purchased a new computer. How can I transfer the software, photos, and most importantly the TAGS that I spent many hours establishing onto the new computer. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards
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          Hi,<br /><br />I have exactly the same problem.<br /><br />I have got as far as re-installing Photoshop Album SE 3.0 onto my new computer by copying the install file from my old computer; have copied my pictures from the old computer to the new computer; and have used the File> Get photos > By searching to reconnect and bring up the thumbnails.<br /><br />However:<br /><br />1. I had to register the application to get an unlock code, which, although I have received, I have not been able to successfully input as the program does not recognise that I am logged in as an 'administrator'.(I have seperately posted a request to try to solve this problem)<br /><br />2. I haven't been able to bring up my tagging, as I haven't worked out which PSA files need to be copied over. This is because I was running XP Pro on my old computer and Vista on the new one and they seem to create different file structures!<br /><br />The old computer had: <br /><br />PSA pics rule file<br />My catalog.psa<br />PSASE30 XML document<br /><br />under: Documents & settings<all users<application data<adobe<photoshop album<br /><br />whereas the new computer has:<br /><br />my catalog.data source name<br />my catalog.psa<br />my catalog-PJU.datasource name<br />my catalog-PJU.psa<br /><br />under: program files > Adobe > 3.0> database > odbc<br /><br />(I haven't yet worked out how to get back slash on this keyboard!)<br /><br />I should be grateful if someone could tell me what to do next.<br /><br />Thanks <br /><br />Mike
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            smriti mehra Adobe Employee
            Hi Ray,

            This can be done very easily in Photoshop elements which is a paid version. In Photoshop Album Starter edition there is no direct way to do this. You can follow the steps below to accomplish what you want:

            1. Copy the catalog which is .psa file located at: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Album\Catalogs in Vista and C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\Catalogs in XP from the old computer to the new computer at the same location. You can either rename the My Catalog.psa file on the new computer or delete it.
            2. Copy the pictures also from the old computer to the new computer at the same location.
            3. If the location on the new computer is different, you will have to reconnect the files.
            4. Launch starter edition on the new computer
            5. The catalog which has been copied should get opened and it should have all the files and the tags etc.

            Hope this helps.
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              Hi Smriti,

              Thanks for your reply. I actually succeeded before I saw your suggesion. I think I basically did what you suggested but was a bit unsure what I need to copy where and what I needed to delete.

              As it was, I just copied the "Catalog Folders" and "Catalogs" files over into the "3.0" folder then openned "My catalog.psa", in the "Catalogs" file,(by clicking on it and openning with the Adobe PS SE application(under program files).

              I don't know if it was right but it seemed to work!

              In case anyone is looking at this thread, Vista files the data under:

              Program Files\...\Photoshop Album SE\3.0\Apps\Shared asset\database
              > \odbc
              > \my catalog.datasource name
              > \my catalog.psa
              > \my catalog-pju.data source name
              > \mycatalog-pju.psa

              whereas XP Pro filed it under:

              Document & Settings\...\ApplicationData\Adobe\Photoshop Album\3.0
              > \catalog folders
              > \rmf.2.cache
              > \tn.4.cache
              > \catalogs
              > \my catalog.ldb
              > \my catalog.psa
              > \settings
              > \psase.dat

              Now can anyone tell me if there is any compatability with the tagging files in APAS 3.0 and Sony's Picture Motion Browser?!


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                Sorry, all my spacing was lost when the above was uploaded but I hope that anyone looking at the file structure with Windows Explorer will see what I mean.


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                  I have downloaded the free version of Adobe 9. When I bring up a .pdf file to read I get the prompt to Sign on with the administrator pass word. How do I get rid of the request each time I view a .pdf.
                  I am using an Imac with 10.5.5
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                    Hi, I also have problems when trying to transfer the TAGs from an old pc (XP) to a new one (vista).<br />The catalog file on the old system was named "Mein Katalog.psa" and was to be found in C:\documents and settings\ ... while the new catalog file on vista is located at c:\program files\adobe\photoshop album starter edition\3.2\Shared_assets\database and is named "My Catalog.psa". <br /><br />@SMRITI: Though I did everything the same way you explained (first installation of PSASE3.2; then renaming the "new" .psa file before copying the old one into that folder; copying the files into the folder C:\user\<username>\Bilder\adobe\Fotos von Digitalkamera; then starting PSASE and trying to reconnect the images. --> "no files to reconnect"<br /><br />So what did go wrong? Where is the mistake? Or is it possible that it doesnt work when the .psa files have different names??<br /><br />Please help me! I have to deactivate the old pc but will completely transfer the images PLUS TAGS.<br /><br />Kind Regards<br />Stephan
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                      May be you can attempt to use programs transfer software like

                      PCMover (paid)
                      MoveMe (paid)
                      PickMeApp (free Beta)

                      I am not sure how well either of them will work with Adobe products, though.