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    Please reinsall error

      I have wanted to install the Italian version of Photoshop Album Starter edition 3.2 on a pc that already had the English version installed. Now the programme doesn't work any longer and in spite of my repairing the installation, when I launch it I get the followin error:

      Photoshop Album cannot star or continue because of missing file(s). Please reinsall

      I have also tried removing the programme and reinstalling it, but to no avail. The funny thing is that even after removing the programme (and the folders are deleted from the hard disk, I have made sure), the previous catalogue of photos is somehow retrieved and appears with all the thumbnails.

      Thanks for your suggestions on how to fix this problem.

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          Hi Andrea,

          I can't guarantee this would work, but try uninstalling it with CCleaner
          and then run the registry cleaner. It might be that there is something
          that is hanging on and because the Italian and English are obviously not
          getting along with each other, there might be a lingering problem for
          one or the other.

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            Thanks Jim for your suggestion, but it hasn't worked. Even after removing the application, cleaning the registry and reinstalling Photoshop Album, the windows opens with all the previous thumbnails and collections, but after closing it, I get the error message whenever I try to lauch it again... I'm puzzled!
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              Hi Andrea,

              Okay, let's try something else. This will effectively force you to
              rebuild the image database and remove the tags you might have created,
              but you will get the version you desire.

              Uninstall the application again. Delete all the adobe album folders. Be
              careful not to delete ALL Adobe folders for example not for Adobe
              Reader. Now, clean the registry again and try to reinstall the Italian

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                I have tried every possible means to fix the problem, but in the end I have disintalled the Italian version I wanted to have and reinstalled the English version.
                Shame it was for my mom's use who doesn't know English! I will have to keep on answering her questions like "And what does 'share' mean?" without any hope of having her learn one single word, hard as I try.
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                  I'm sorry to hear that. Mind you... it does mean that you get to chat a
                  lot... Sorry... just looking for a bright side.

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                    Hi Licinio,


                    Where did you find the italian version for PASE3.2. I am asking because on the adobe site I could only find PASE 2.0 in Italian. You might have faced the problem because the Italian version that you are installing is a lower version than the English version. If that's not the case, try installing PASE 2.0 in Italian along with PASE 3.2 in English. The too can coexist if the older version is installed later.



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                      Mark Berns

                      you could try using some more advanced registry cleaners. Like those: http://pcspeedanvil.com/registry-cleaner-review.php