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    How do I recover Missing Files

      I have several groups of pictures that have gone missing since I first used Picasa to share some photos. I could care less about a lot of them but there were a couple of hundred of my trip to England I would really like to recover. The thumbnails show up in my Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 but when you click on them they say that they are missing. These photos are no longer in MY Pictures either and the only thing in those folders is a Picasa.ini .

      I have also checked my recycle bin but there is nothing in there. Does anyone have any help as to how I may recover these photos?
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          Hi Jason,

          Any chance that when you shared them with picassa, you uploaded them to
          an online folder? Not really sure what you are running into here.
          Normally I would not think that either application would delete the
          images unless you ask it too.

          As to recovery, you should be able to use a recovery software to pull
          their images off the hard drive. You could either try going back to a
          previous date using restore, or seeing if a professional firm can use a
          disk imaging software to pull them off.

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            I had the same problem happen to me, were you ever able to resolve this? any help would be great
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                Please help me too! I have photoshop album starter 3.0, premium elements 4.0 and photoshop elements 6.0

                I have one complete album of about 30 photos in the album starter. They all have a "read only" logo on them.

                I have gone into every photo program I have: into every photo website I use; into "my pictures" & "recycling bin". I used "search" and looked at all photos that came up. These 30 photos are nowhere to be found. So......I can't copy them, print them, or share them. I would think that if I can see the photos online, that I should be able to do these things. Please tell me how?
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                  Starting about a couple of months ago, I too had this same problem but I have a couple hundred pictures missing. Anything older than 3 months ago, I cannot connect to. The only thing I can think of changing around the same time period is some deletion of old software that wasn't being used so that I could free up some space on my hard drive. Is it possible that I accidently deleted something vital for my pictures and is there any way to restore them?
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                    This may come to you as no surprise, I too have had the same problem.

                    Anyway, I'm currently using Adobe Photo Shop Starter Edition 3.0, for which I have used to download all my digital photos from my mobile phone. I catargorised all photos into albums which show to the left and recently transfered all files over from my PC to my laptop using
                    a USB memory stick. After checking, some of the named folders however do not contain the photos and going back to my PC and back into Photo Shop, the ones that appear to have transferd are the ones that have a question mark showing on the album files which of course populate the catalogue to the left and the ones that are still showing are the ones that do not appear to have ported over and now it seems I am unable to retrieve them from Photo Shop and if ever I try anything to do so I keep getting a message saying 'cannot
                    continue with your action, it requires at least one connected file'. I would really appreciate any help with this.

                    I look forward to your reply

                    Kind regards


                    P.S Just to let you know that my PC is running XP Home and Laptop Vista.
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                      I too have the same problem. I am using Abobe Photoshop Album starter 3.2 with XP. I have 100 photo's with the disconnect symbol at the bottom. I am totally frustrated. I transferred them from my digital camera, emailed a couple of them (which are fine by the way) and now they have the disconnect symbol. As you know, you cannot do anything with them. They are not on the card from my camera because the program politely asked if I wanted them deleted and I said "yes" why not, they should have been on the adobe program with everything all well and good. I have used a couple of the programs to find lost pictures to no avail. I really NEED an answer to fix this problem.


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                        I too have the same problem. I have the adobe Photoshop Album Starter 3.2 with XP. I have over 700 photos in the album but only about 100-150 are showing disconnected. Most of the photos are from July of 08 to date. I can scan photos in and have not had any problems. I to have deleted them from my card in my camera. From now on I will not delete and then buy new cards for the future. I have tried the search programs from Windows but everything comes up BUT these photos. I really need a fix. Some of these photos are of family and very important to me. Some I can do over and then am going to print them out right away just in case. I need all the help I can get.


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                          Well, I too have the same problem. Sort of.
                          I downloaded a bunch of pictures from multiple sources (usb drive, external drive, CDs) and found I had so many dups, that I thought it made sense to remove some of them. So I removed all the dups (using a dup remover program I downloaded off the net) to a separate folder, organized all the photos into albums and only then did I notice the little icon at the bottom of most of my pictures.
                          After reading all of the previous responses, I realize how lucky I am that I still had access to the photo file, but did spend all day discovering how to reconnect all the photos to the file.
                          My question is this: How do I know which duplicate photo is safe to remove. If I should save the pictures to a usb drive or transfer them to another computer, how do I know the file is still connected? Please figure this out soon. Thank you
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                            Does anyone know the answer to this obviously common problem?

                            I have just uploaded about 60 holiday snaps using Adobe Photoshop and agreed to the images being deleted from my camera after the import, which it has done, but I can only find 3 of the images in the Adobe program (or anywhere else on my PC for that matter)!
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                              Has anyone come up with a solution to the missing files?

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                                I thought it was something going on with my computer but now see that it is a more common Photoshop problem. I'm terribly frustrated and would be sick to loose so many photos. I've gone to file then, to reconnect all files......nothing. If anyone finds a remedy, please post.

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                                  Why do so many of us have the same problem and nobody is responding from Adobe?  I just tried to get my photos also to send to a family member and get the error messge, "SEARCHING FOR MISSING FILE"  and "TO LOCATE THE FILE YOURSELF CLICK BROWSE".


                                  What is wrong here?  I am in Adobe PHotoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0.  Can someone please help us all?????????!!!!!!!!



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                                    Nanny70n Level 1

                                    I called Customer Service and I have now unlocked the Album, but still can't recover missing pictures. I am waiting for a reply from Adobe. Any one have any ideas how to help???

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                                      Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

                                      It is a common misconception that Starter Edition 'stores', or copies, your files into it. But the program does not move or copy files at all, rather it scans your system's My Pictures directory, and generates miniature versions of your pictures (called thumbnails) so that you can browse a 'flat' list of thumbnails of your photos, overcoming the inconvenience of having to go into separate folders in Windows Explorer to have to find files.The thumbnails, as well as any tags, and Albums that you create in Starter Edition are all stored in the Photoshop Album catalog file, separate from your pictures, and your pictures remain where you originally copied them to your computer.


                                      If you use Photoshop Album to subsequently download files from a digital camera or scanner, the default location where the program will create those files would be in the My Pictures>Digital Camera Photos folder. But if you do NOT use Photoshop Album Starter edition to download files from your camera, then you will find that folder empty.


                                      The thumbnails in the Starter Edition catalog will exist, even if you decide to move or delete the original photos that were added to the program. This will cause files in the Photoshop Album catalog to become 'disconnected' from the original photos. To reconnect the files, you can use the File>Reconnect Missing files command to see if the program can locate the original files in a new location, and once again re-link the catalog thumbnails to the files they once referenced.

                                      Since Photoshop Album has been discontinued, I recommend that folks find an alternative solution. One alternative that will preserve most of what you've created in Starter Edition is the Photoshop Elements 8 trial. Install that, and it will automatically convert the Photoshop Album catalog to a current format, and the program will not time out, as Starter Edition did. If you want to purchase more Editing power, you can also choose to purchase the full program, but it's not required.


                                      If you are like many who have come to this forum wondering how you can get to your photos, now that the program has become locked or expired, don't worry; your photos have never been moved by Photoshop Album; they remain wherever you intially put them, on your hard drive. To get to them, you can navigate your file system using Windows Explorer. They are typically in your My Documents>My Pictures folder. Here is a handy How-To that you could refer to to find photos on your system, as well as some other tips for how you can use folders to keep your photos organized: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/maintain/filemgmt.mspx


                                      Hope those tips help!



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                                        mollyfmcb Level 1

                                        I have tried the suggestions that Adobe has provided. Still no luck. Any one else have any ideas? Thanks!

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                                          Try going to the Start button, then "Computer" or My Computer, depending on the version of Windows, then double click on the C drive. From the dialogue box that opens, type  *.jpg in the search box, found in the upper left of the dialogue box.


                                          You will get a list of photos on your PC. Look at their location, Most will be in recognizable folders, but "lost" photos will appear in obscure folders, with obscure alphanumeric names. I'm willing to bet you will find them under    C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp   or similar paths after Users\AppData


                                          You may have to go to Control Panel, Folder Options, and select SHOW HIDDEN FOLDERS in order to see these folders under Users.


                                          Once you locate the photos, double click on the line, and copy and paste the photos to your pictures album.


                                          I've found no proven reason this happens, but I suspect:

                                          A glitch in Adobe Photoshop Elements indexing


                                          A glitch in Picassa/Photoshop together

                                          Electrical surge or electromagnetic interference

                                          Happens after running a restore, famous for relocating and renaming files.


                                          Once all photos are found, BURN them to DVD or save a COPY to an external hard drive, or ALL of these for safekeeping.

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                                            Can someone please help?!!!!!!!!!   I stored several years worth of photos in the following directory -->   C:\My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos. Yesterday, I went to put some more photos in this directory and the Adobe file was missing and I found out that my version of Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0 has expired.  Ultimately, I was able to make hidden folders visible and the Adobe\Digital Camera Photos folders returned, but they were completely empty.  I never really use the photoshop program, and it just so happens that I picked that location to store my files.  How on earth do I get them back?  Some of the posts on this forum gave me some good leads, but I still can't locate them.  Could the file type have been changed?  I found a bunch of  ITHMB files in a hidden Adobe\Catalogs\iPod Photo Cache folder that my computer will not open.  I have no idea what a ITHMB files is, but does this sound like something, or am I going down the wrong path, literally?!  I have done countless searches for photos, videos, jpegs etc.... and I have found nothing!  I am very frustrated!  Every year I back up files at Christmas time, but I have pretty much lost all of 2010!  A year of my children growing is gone!  I am running Windows XP on my Dell computer.  Does anyone know what the f#@k happened to my files????????

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                                              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



                                              I feel your pain. Am going through an emergency recovery experience of my own at the moment, since my hard drive crashed last weekend.


                                              Worst case scenario is that the drive has lost the folder on its own. I wouldn't expect this to happen in a vacuum; may find other directories going away if the drive is truly on the blink. If that is the case, then the files could be recovered using a file recovery utility (I don't have a specific recommendation). Your chances for success improve if you resist deleting or adding new files to your computer, since the hard drive may mistake lost files as deleted files, and write over them.


                                              Other possibility, which I would look into before going as far as a file recovery utility, would be:

                                              • Obvious, but see if the files are in the recycle bin.
                                              • Do a search on ALL files that are .jpg, and see if you can turn up a stash hiding out in a place you didn't expect; the folder may have been accidentally moved or deleted.
                                              • I find it very odd that the Adobe folder would be hidden, since it's not hidden by default. Makes me think that if you are on a system that has more than one Windows user account, make sure you are logged in to the account you normally use, in case the files are off in some other user account folder, which could have restricted access if you are not logged in as that user.


                                              The ithmb files are binary iphoto thumbnail files, and cannot be read by a graphics program, as far as I know.

                                              Best of luck; let me know if you have any follow up questions.



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                                                      May be your are Picasa software is not functioning properly, might be some of the files gets deleted from the system. did you try using undelete software

                                                to recover your pictures? if no then try the demo version of the software which allows you to preview the deleted photos.

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                                                  No need to get panic when you have delete a photo by Shift+Delete or emptying the "Recycle Bin" , Image recovery is always there to restore it in a fraction of seconds with a demo version where you can evaluate the capability of the software.

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                                                    ColtMcCoy wrote:


                                                    I found a bunch of  ITHMB files in a hidden Adobe\Catalogs\iPod Photo Cache folder that my computer will not open.  I have no idea what a ITHMB files is, but does this sound like something, or am I going down the wrong path, literally?!


                                                    Ithmb files are cache files created by iTunes for synchronization purposes. They actually contain image thumbnails of up to 720x480 pixels in size. I think that iThmb Converter is the best tool for converting ithmb files to the JPG format. The program is extremely easy to use – just select an ithmb file or folder with ithmb files, select the Save in the menu and get your JPG files. If there is a "Photo Database" file, the converted files will have the names of the source files used for generating ithmb files.

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                                                      Oh happy days! The 2012 picture file that vanished into a parallel universe on my computer has been found at last.


                                                      I have found my missing jpg picture files by clicking on the start button and typing *jpg into the "search all programs and files" box at the bottom of the start window. The files can be displayed in several different listing formats.


                                                      The files do not appear in chronological order so you will have to sift through every jpg file. I am guessing if you are looking for other file types i.e. tiff or raw, a similiar search would work. Haven't tried that yet but I will need to try it when I find the needed jpg files.


                                                      As I write this the search listing is so inclusive that it will take a very, very long time to sift through them all.


                                                      I tried the recommend to go to the C drive and do a *jpg search, etc for which I had very limited success.


                                                      Hope this is of help if you haven't found success using one of the other method. No guarantee, but it is working for me:)


                                                      By the way, this is a great lesson in backup storage. My external hard drive was damaged beyond repair (it had backups of all my files)  and too many of my pics are not safe in a "cloud" on line. Should have acted quickly to get it all backed up again. OOPS.


                                                      Wish you success,


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                                                        hi Jason, you might want to try looking for them first in your hard drive. try KrojamSoft FilesSearch ...

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