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    disconnected pictures

      I just replaced my "pictures"-folder from drive C to drive D. After that I reimported the pictures from the new source. When I finished I found out that every picture that was on drive C appears as "disconnected".
      Is there any way to remove all the disconnected pictures from the picture gallery?
      Thanks for answering...
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          When you reimported the images, you may have taken that ability away.
          Normally, you would use "reconnect" and the issue of moving the images
          would be resolved. Now, the only way I can think of is to manually open
          the database with Access and sort by location... then delete the images
          attached to those locations.

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            smriti mehra Adobe Employee
            If you have imported all the pictures of C drive again then you can safely delete the C drive from the catalog.You can change the view to folder location from the dropdown present in the lower left corner and then select all the pictures of C drive and delete them.Hope this helps.