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    Transfer Catalog Tags from 2 computers and move photo folder to NAS device


      I am looking to do the following.

      1. I will be moving all my photos (which have been tagged via Photoshop album starter edition 3.2) from a home pc hard drive to a NAS storage drive (Buffalo Linkstation)
      I will then wipe clean and re-format the home pc.

      2. Provide access to the photos from a laptop (Win XP) and a home pc (Win XP)

      4. Save the My Catalog.psa files and keep all photos tagged after I have moved and changed everything.

      How do I re-establish the catalog tags for all the photos on both the Laptop and PC?

      I have read some posts and attempted to install PSA SE with tags intact. PSA SE v3.2 is working fine and I have copied the Catalog.psa files into the correct NEW location but do not have the tags available when I run the program.

      What am I doing wrong?

      Also I am thnkning of upgrading to Elements 7 and will again need to keep tags intact. Could I just install Elements 7 and move all tags across or do I first need to format everything correctly with PSA SE 3.2, and upgrade afterwards?

      Many thanks for you help
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          Hi Andrew,

          Actually, if you are planning to move to PSE 7, save yourself a BIG
          headache. Get the trial verion of 7 (if you're going to buy it anyway).
          Install it and convert the PSA catalog. It will not overwrite the
          catalog it will make a copy. Restore it to the new computer and boom...
          identical on both PC's.

          Just remember to do your incremental backup and restores immediately
          after one another, or there might be problems.

          Before doing any of this, you might consider going through PSE's online
          manual once you have the trial. I'm sure you'll like the product. A lot
          of power for a consumer product.

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            smriti mehra Adobe Employee
            Hi Andrew,

            The Photoshop album starter edition does not have the backup/restore functionality. As mentioned by Jim you can first upgrade to PSE7 and then Backup and restore your catalog from one machine to another or you can manually copy the .psa file and all the pics from one system to another and then open the .psa file on the other system. This will show you all the pics as missing since their paths would have changed. You can reconnect all the pics to the new path and get back your catalog along with the pics. Hope this helps.