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      I have been using PSA3 without trouble until I upgraded to PSA3.2 only to find that I now get a BUFFER OVERRUN error every time I try to load the program. I have deleted it even going into REGEDIT and deleting every reference to PSA but still the same result. I re loaded PSA3 but now get the same message even for that although it used to run just fine. So now I cannot use PDA at all. Any suggestions ?
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          Hi Hank,

          Can you provide the exact error terms please. I don't know if I can
          help, but I'll try.

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            I am using at present Adobe Photoshop Album starter edition3.0.
            It has been working well for sometime, but now when I want to use this programme a notice pops up " Buffer Overrun detected which has corrupted the programs internal state. Terminate immediately".
            I was told by my local computer shop to download the above without loosing any pictures.
            I do not have any software and I origionally got this programme from the internet.
            Please help
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              Program:...n\3.0\apps\Photoshop Album Starter Edition.exe

              A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's
              internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must
              now be terminated.

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                Rene - seems you are having the same trouble I am. Hope we can get it sorted as this is really good program for handling your photos etc. I have been using various earlier versions for years and am quite lost without it. Have tried ACDC and Picasa but not in the same league. Maybe this is Adobe's way of saying "Go buy it ! "

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                  I am surprised to hear from you as we have the same problem, and it seems Adobe's service personnel do not want to help.
                  What's the point of having a programme without support?
                  If, I have to buy another programme I would like to hear from Adobe first, as, I might encounter the same problem and there is no-one to help.Maybe if I go to HelloPeter it might shake them up.

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                    Hi Hank, Rene,

                    Sorry for the delay. I'm just finishing up my degree and will not be
                    here for a couple of weeks.

                    Just so that you both no, from time to time, Adobe employees do come to
                    help here, but it is on their own time. This is not really a supported

                    So... you get end-users like me and then you get the odd employee when
                    then get a chance.

                    Now... to the problem

                    First Hank,

                    Thanks for sending the error contents.

                    Okay... I did a search for your error and found something interesting.
                    It may actually not be related to the software, but to malware that you
                    would have downloaded unknowingly.

                    According to one site:
                    Buffer overrun attack is a very common attack utilized by hackers. This
                    type of attack is not new. This attack utilizes poor coding practices
                    in C and C++ code, with the handling of string functions.

                    One forum post has this software maker's trialware as a solution:


                    Here is another post in a forum. Again, it refers to malware.

                    http://forums.techguy.org/malware-removal-hijackthis-logs/570495-solved-buffer-overrun-det ected.html

                    I would suggest in this one you go through the post looking for the
                    solutions NOT the details of the problems. These folks are posting the
                    entire contents of the memory, which for your purposes are useless.

                    Personally I have never had this problem, but I use software that
                    regularly cleans and searches for malware etc...

                    Anyway, if this doesn't help, I'll be back after the 8th of Dec.

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                      Thanks Jim - I had already checked on the possibility of Malware and do run preventative scans. I down loaded PrevX this am and ran that but the result was "Clear". I am at a loss ! I run Windows Defender every day. All clear.

                      Rene - The program is "FREE" and they do state that it has no backup or assistance. This I accept but I just wish that I could get it working again.

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                        Hi Hank,

                        I wonder if you have somehow tripped something in the registry. Sounds
                        like you might have been a little too thorough in some respects.

                        Did you happen to try something like CCleaner to see if it could tidy
                        and straighten out so to speak? It is also free. If that fails for me, I
                        end up going through the registry too and taking EVERYTHING related to
                        Adobe... and then begin again... works, but it takes forever.

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                          hi Hank,
                          I deleted Adobe 3.0 as nothing works but corrupts other programmes.
                          I downloaded Adobe 7.0 Photo shop which includes pfd images, and this works, albeit, it is not as simple to get into as far as downloading pictures onto an Email, but I will get the better as time goes on.
                          Leave 3.0 as it is not ideal plus outdated.
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                            Hi Hank,


                            I think that you need to uninstall the program from the control panel rather than removing it from places.