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    After Installing 3.0 - Screen Saver Does Not Work! Help Plz?

      Had version 2.0 on my computer for a long time no problem. Using Windows XP Pro and have Service Pack 2. When the upgrade notice came across my desktop, I figured what the heck and upgraded. Unlocked 3.0 and came back later and saw that my screen saver did not initialize. I was using the "My Pictures" screen saver that comes with XP. Saw that of course Adobe grabbed the preferences for showing JPEG images so thought that was it. Unchecked those boxes in Adobe and opened ASD See and reassigned JPEG to that program. Did not help. My screen saver still will not come on. Went over to my Screen Saver options and changed to "Aquarium". Still does not work.

      Called Adobe and they said, "Sorry we can not help you unless you pay us."

      So I'm here asking for help. Does someone out there have any idea how to clear up this situation and get my screen saver back?

      Any help would be appreciated.