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    "get from camera" change file save location default.

    Michelmnr Level 1
      Hi there, would anyone knows how to change the "File save location default in photo album starter edition 3.2.
      I thought I did it under Edit/Preferences/Files/Browses ...then I found the location for my external HD and it looks ok and now shows my location as L:\Photos\to sort out in that window.
      But when I go to "get from camera" the save default has not changed and remains under C:/?
      I tried to do it with "get from the scanner" (not connected) and this brought a window with an option to change the file saving (as I did previously) with the same "browse" operation. But this does not happen when I "get from the camera"!
      I did enter this in someone thread before I figured out how to start a new topic - My apology :)