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    Saving Photos to Desktop

      I have a complete Catalog of photos in Adobe Photoshop Album Starter 3.2.
      How do I transfer specific photos to my Desktop?
      Also, I tried emailing them to me but they never were received (prob didnt transmit) any idea why?
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          See, PASE does not keep files in it. It keeps the references of file paths. So if you want to move any file from c drive to desktop there is no good way in PASE but it there in PSE.

          In PSE you need to copy all the files to Desktop and need to import again in new catalog. If you want to use the same catalog, you need to delete the old files because it does not allow import for duplicate files.

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            What you can do is pick the files from the original location and put them at your desktop. To find the location of a file, right click on the thumbnail of the file and select properties. Now, at the bottom of the Properties dialog, you will find the location of the image file. You can go to the location directly by clicking on the folder icon there. Now you can move this image yourself to the desktop.


            Once you have done that, you will need to reconnect it to the thumbnail in your PASE which you can do by File>Reconnect. Do it manually if u want to do it fast and automatically otherwise.