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    Restoring Photosq

      I have Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2. I am able to see my photos when I go into the program, but it keeps telling me that they can't find the source, yet I am looking right at the picture. I have done a browse and searched through "My Pictures", but I can't find them.That file seems to be empty? Is there a way to restore these photos? I have baby pictures on there so I am desperate to get them back. Can someone help me please????
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          What you are looking at in the program is called a "thumbnail." It is
          not the image itself is like a low-grade version of it. That allows the
          image to load quicker in the application.

          I would suggest that you look under the file menu and "reconnect" all of
          the images. I hope that these have not been deleted somehow by accident.
          I know how heartbreaking that can be. I recently knocked over an
          external drive after STUPIDLY putting by the back up AND originals on
          this drive while waiting to get another drive and lost 10 years of
          images. They included images of my little ones on their first time
          learning to skate in our backyard. I am now not so heart-broken as
          ticked at myself for not using an additional drive or CD's to back them
          up on... however, some of the best lessons are also the most painful.

          Let's hope the reconnect does it. After that however we still have some
          options, I would just ask you NOT to turn off your computer or delete or
          clean your computer until we have gone through additional options.

          There is a little utility called Recuva that is amazing. I didn't get
          all my images back because I am very disciplined about keep my drive
          clean, clean, clean... but I still got several thousand back. :)

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            Are you seeing any icon on those thumbnails?

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