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    Is Photoshop Album 3.2 A Product For The Future?

      I am a long time user of Photoshop Album 2.0 and like it a lot because of its great photo organizer but when it wouldn't load onto a Vista computer, Adobe pointed me to 3.2 Starter Edition. When I went to numerous software stores and online to try to buy a cd version of it, I came up dry. Then I looked on the Adobe web site and had a very difficult time even finding it mentioned, never seeing it listed as any kind of main Adobe product. There seems to be an Adobe push to get you to buy Photoshop Elements. I also have been a long time used of that product but don't find any kind of photo organizer in it. Sure not like that in Photoshop Album. Now maybe recent editions of Elements do have an organizer, but I think it may be an online storage thing. Am I wrong? I am wondering if I should pursue Photoshop Album 3.2 any longer for my photo organizer (I haven't paid anything for it yet) as I wonder if it will be around long when you can't find it being sold in stores or online sites, and when even Adobe doesn't seem to want to mention it in their site. Thanks for any input on the future of 3.2.