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    Missing files - any way to save pics another way?

      I've read through some of the other posts, but I haven't seen this addressed:

      My camera automatically uploads pics to the Album Starter 3.2. I then let the program delete the pics from my camera. Then I got motiviated and cleaned up all my saved pics, moved them to folders, etc and deleted then reformated my media card.

      Now, I can see 12 pics in the Album Starter, but they have the ripped red icon on the bottom. I tried using Recuva to search on my camera and computer - no luck.

      Ok - so...because I can see them in the program - is there ANY way to copy the pic, or do something to get them out of the program? I'm afraid to close the Album Starter for fear that they'll then be gone forever! I've tried to save as, copy, etc...no luck. All I get is the "searching for missing file..".

      Thanks for any help!