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    move to my pictures/my documents from photoshop

      I am going to All Programs to start Adobe Photoshop Starter Album Edition 3.0. Once there, my pictures automatically pop up. I need to move these photos from "My catalog" that pops up to My Pictures in the My Documents folder. Could someone please walk me through the steps to do this? OR even better would be to tell me (if there is a way) how to move the photos to the walmart.com site so I can have the pictures printed.
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          Hi Katrina,

          Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition doesn't store your images, rather it stores the location of your images in MyCatalog.psa . So to find the location of any image,right click on its thumbnail and select "Properties". In the properties dialog box, you will see a folder icon at the bottom next to which you will find the image file location. Clicking on the folder icon will lead you to the location.
          having located your image files once, you can move them wherever you want to.