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    RoboHelp / RoboSource Control issue

      We are authoring a large manual using Adobe RoboHelp 7 HTML and RoboSource Control.

      Occasionally, we are confronted with a situation that project files are NOT checked in properly.

      Day 1: Updating the manual. All files are checked in. No error or other messages.
      Day 2: When opening the project, some files are flagged as being checked out.

      When trying to check in these files in RoboHelp 7 HTML, RoboHelp responds that those files are NOT checked out, so apparently something is corrupt.
      When we turn to RoboSource Control, we can undo the checkout, but this is a very tedious job, since it can only be done on individual files. The only other alternative is to start out with a new database, but this also means that we're removing all our version info.

      We are unable to recreate this situation, but we have this feeling that it occurs when files have been checked out for a longer period of time.

      Is there a known issue concerning the above?
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          Gravenstein Level 2
          Hi hermie1, and welcome to the board! Sometimes when you do a checkin all, RoboSource Control will stumble over one of the files and silently terminate the checkin process. For this reason, it's a good idea to do a Checkin All prior to closing the project. Then take a look to make sure that nothing remains checked out. Also, be sure to click the Refresh Status icon in the toolbar. I have found myself trying to check in files that were already checked in, just because my list wasn't up to date!

          That is the simple situation, easily remedied. Your situation may be more complex. If something is corrupt, the usual culprit is the cpd file. You might try rebuilding it. (Back up your project first.)

          For future reference, this topic would be better placed in the RoboSource Control forum, so as to assist anyone searching for related information.

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            hermie1 Level 1
            Thanks for the tips Gravenstein.

            There's another very strange issue with RoboSource Control.

            A mismach in RSC between checked out files between users (AFTER refreshing view).
            When user A opens the database in RSC, he sees many files that are checked out (marked with red 'V' in RSC).
            User B only sees a couple of files that are flagged as checked out.

            When user A tries to check in such a file in RSC, he gets a message saying that the file is NOT checked out.
            To correct the situation, we had to do a check in in RSC, followed by a check out in RSC.

            Any ideas?

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              Gravenstein Level 2
              Hmmm. This sounds suspicious...How did you add this project to source control? Did you upload it via RoboHelp or through RoboSource Control Explorer?

              I ask because these kinds of problems can occur when you upload the project via RSC instead of RH.

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                Not sure if you are still interested in an answer, but we had a similar situation.
                I think that the probelm happened when one user had a database connection fail during the check in process.
                For example, User A sees a bunch of files checked out to user B.
                User B sees those files as checked in.
                Our solution, which worked was to have User B check out all the files that User A saw as checked out and then check them back in again.
                After refreshing, User A then sees the files as correctly checked in.
                Hope this helps.