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    Error code c0000005, Address 7c911895

      Anyone ever come across this error? If so is there anything that can be done besides a reinstall of the software? I'd definitely appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks.
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          I'm having the same problem, when I try to download photos from my iphone.
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            When are you getting this error?
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              I plug in my iphone and select elements 7.0 to download the pictures. It connects and finds images. It fails. I had elements 3.0 which worked for one iphone but would fail on the second iphone. So I upgraded to elements 7.0 thinking it would have better iphone handling. Nope, worse, now neither iphone can be downloaded by elements 7.0.
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                I am seeing very similar behaviour with iPhone and Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 - Photo Downloader. (Windows XP-SP3)

                I have iTunes running. When I connect the iPhone, iTunes and Photoshop Album and the Windows "pick a program to open" all come up. Photoshop Album shows up a series of thumbnails that are on the phone (but have previously synced with Photoshop Album so they may be off disk not the phone), then it crashes. I get an error about not being able to start the debugger on the crashed program. (I suspect that is from the Visual Studio development tools I have installed).

                Photoshop Album is selected in iTunes as the photo sync application. When I first installed Photoshop Album it worked and synced. I don't know what change may have caused the issue since I don't have many new photos to upset things.

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                  Just re-installed, re-registered etc. Run PASE directly instead of through the iTunes launcher, and explicitly tried fetching from the iPhone. In this sequence, I get the exact error and address as the topic title. I believe the c0000005 corresponds to
                  C - Error (rather than warning or informational)
                  5 - ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED
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                    Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same problem with PSE 5.0. Appreciate any advice. Thanks. Mike (mikekatcher@gmail.com)
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                      No I never got this resolved. Now I have my iphones set to use the windows camera utility instead of Adobe photo downloader. Don't waste your money upgrading to the latest version of Elements(like I did). It didn't help in fact it made it worse.
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                        I'm having this same problem but I think it has something to do with a app. i use on my iphone called iflash ready. If i delete the photos i used that app on I can use album stater or elements that i also bought thinking it was a album starter problem. I hope that iflash fixes this i like the app. Does anyone else use this app or one similar?

                        The only thing that solved my problem was moving elements onto a window vista pc no matter what i did on my xp I still got the error. I even reformated my hard drive and still the error. Adobe was unable to figure out the problem.

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                          try deleting status.dat file


                          Delete the status.dat file located at C:\Documents and Settings\ [user name] \Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\4.0\Organizer\.


                          maybe it would work

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                            How were you able to do that? I'd like to set Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard as the default photo downloader for my iphone too. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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                              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

                              I have a weird setup; My C: drive is NOT a C: Drive; it's an I: drive, thanks to Windows renumbering my drive letters when I reinstalled the system, and it reserved C: for my card reader. After that, I also saw that error in Photoshop Elements, but I believe it would also happen for Starter Edition. I believe that the program is attempting to access a file location that is inaccessible.


                              It wasn't until I re-did the organization and location of all my files in Organizer so they were all connected, and on the right drive letter (I:, in my case), that the errors went away.


                              I think you can just ignore the error by clicking OK, or you could fix it by making sure that NO files Organized by the program are referencing a hard drive other than one that is always connected.



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                                I started having this problem as soon as I upgraded my iphone software to the OSI 4.1 (I think I got that technologic stuff said right).  I kept getting an error message and could not fix the problem either.  I finally got smart and decided to try a different OLDER software --Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0.  This software downloaded my pictures instantly and I got to select it as my software default for when I plug in my iphone 4.  I hope this helps someone.

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                                  I just ran into this exact same error with CS4 Adobe Bridge which launches Photo Downloader.  I had upgraded to an iPhone 4s and started taking videos (MOV files on the phone) in addition to pictures. When I encounter this error, it was during the preview step when photo downloader was reading the contents from the iPhone 4s.  I used windows explorer to manually move the MOV files to the computer then again used CS4 Adobe Bridge to relaunch Photo Downloader and this time no error!