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    problems emailing 7 pictures??

      Hi, I just started using adobe photoshop starter and tried to send some pics out attached to my email and find that they either are not all attached when I click on the Link for each pic and each time adobe's front page opens and sometimes has several pics in the background and the one I clicked on in the front.
      This was after I sent the message.
      Before I sent it and I was checking it out everything seemed ok, as I clicked on individual pic links and got the pic and the 'all' selection and all pics were shown. Now that I have sent them this is not the case.
      I am not sure what I am doing wrong and would appreciate experienced advice.
      Since I am knew to this if the advice could be in simple jargon it would be appreciated.
      I have printed and read the instructions for the application however it does not seem to deal with my confusing issue.
      Thankyou for your time.