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    Deleting/Uninstalling Older Versions of Adobe Photoshop/Reader

      I would love to know the answer to this question:
      After Adobe updates my current versions of Adobe Photoshop Starter, and my Adobe Reader, can I go to add/remove, or search files, and uninstall or delete everything that has to do with the older versions that I no longer use?
      Recently my Adobe Reader updated to version 7. My computer came with Adobe Reader 4.0. So, that means I have versions 4, 5, and 6 (Adobe Reader), in my system, on my hard drive, and in add/remove programs.
      Also, just yesterday, my Adobe Photoshop starter edition offered me an upgrade from version 2, to version 3. In this case, although the icon for version 2 remained on my desktop, a new icon for version 3 was created, and when I try to open the v. 2, windows cannot locate it..meaning of course it has been superceded by version 3.
      So the simple question is this....do these Adobe versions share drivers? Can I uninstall or delete from add/remove programs, anything that has to do with the older versions of either of these programs? Especially the Adobe Reader stuff. I have an Icon on my desktop for each of these older versions, and if I open those icons its the older version that actually come up.
      So, any advice? Leave well enough alone? Remove the older verisons to take back some of my hard drive space?
      Russell Munson