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    Photo Downloader and Kodak Easy Share Gallery - PAS3

      Question 1. For some reason Adobe Photo Downloader has decided to place itself into my systray. I can disable it. I can not remove it. I do not seem to be able to find any option or preference to disallow it from launching. While I have a digitral camera, I use the download from the maker. I like it quite a bit. I am less pleased when my systray gets filled with things I don't want. Any guidance?

      Question 2. When I want to share an image online, a new screen invites me to use Kodak's Easy Share Gallery. I use Kodak ESG, so why do I need PASE 3?
      When I tried to e-mail an image, I thought it would launch my e-mail composition window with the attachment in place. It only gives me the path where I can find the image. It appears that I still have to open the e-mail program, and create the attachment link. I must be doing something wrong, Adobe usually does not make me walk around the block to complete a task.