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    making smaller

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          I need to make the pictures 1 meg or less to send them out. How do you do that with this software? Thanks
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            You could use the email facility. There is an option to just save the "attachments" to a folder.
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              i need photos to be under 100kb, please help.
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                As colin suggested, you can import the photo in Photohsop Album Starter Edition and then select File -> Attach to Email..., In this dialog change the size to big/medium/small as per your requirement. The size of the attachement is also displayed in this dialog.
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                  I use the email facility to shrink photos. However, I can't change the destination file in which the adjusted versions are saved. So I select a photo and choose Share, Email, Customise. Now I can see the name of the destination file (to which the smaller version will be saved) and there's a 'Browse' button for changing the destination file, but it's greyed out so I can't click on it. What am I missing? Thanks.
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                    >but it's greyed out so I can't click on it. What am I missing?

                    This option is enabled only when you want to "save to disk" instead of sending the mail. You can set this from "File -> Preferences -> Email -> Send Email Using"
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                      Thanks for your reply Deepika.

                      For the benefit of anyone else using this thread, Deepika should have said Edit -> Preferences -> Email -> Send Email Using, not File -> Preferences -> Email -> Send Email Using.

                      So the answer to my question is that I need to change my preferences before I select photos to reduce in size.

                      The steps are as follows:

                      Edit -> Preferences -> Email -> Send Email Using
                      Choose Other (save to disk)

                      Browse to select the appropriate folder.

                      Click OK.

                      THEN select the pictures to be reduced and click on Share -> Email
                      Adjust anything else you need to and click OK.

                      Thanks for your help Deepika.
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                        Open the original photo in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, make a copy, click on "Picture", "Resize" and use one of the three options to resize it. Go back to the folder and check the new size. If it is still oversized, open it again and size it smaller. Just remember that every time you open and edit a jpeg file, you lose some it's resolution.
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                          I haven't been able to figure out how to reduce pixel size to post on eBay or craiglist. My Hotmail email reduces pixel size when I attach a photo. I have adobe 3.2. My old photo program had a program that reduced pixels alot like the crop program. Thanks for any help.
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                            This version doesn't really let you edit the image that way although it
                            will reduce the image for you if you click on share/email sort of thing...

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                              I'm using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2. I need to reduce the size of my photo's to under 2MB. I tried everything discussed in the forum on this subject but nothing seems to work.