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    Rotated IXUS images download by PSA SE  not rotated

      I have just started using Photoshop Album Starter Edition for downloading images from my Canon DIGITAL IXUS 400, and I experience a problem. The camera has a sensor for the rotation of the camera when the image was taken, and this information follows with the image when downloaded. PSA SE as well as the Windows Image and Fax Viewer shows the images in the correct orientation, but the Windows file explorer does not. Neither does my DVD player when showing these JPG images.

      The frustrating thing is that this was all right when I used the Canon ZoomBrowser program for downloading the images, but since PSA SE has a much better user interface, I would rather keep in using it.

      Any ideas, or do I have to revert to ZoomBrowser?
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          The problem isn't really with PSA SE. The thing is that this rotation flag is set by the camera and different software does different things with it; possibilities include:
          1) do nothing
          2) display the photo rotated
          3) change the photo so that it is rotated

          Image Viewer and PSA SE do (2).
          WE and DVD player do (1).
          Looks like ZB does (3).

          The workaround is to select "portrait" photos in PSA SE and rotate right, then left. Then the image will actually be rotated.