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    Source file missing.

      The message says c:\documents and settings\my name/my documents\my pictures\adobe\digital camera\photos needs to be reconnected. I have received other messages indicating my picture file is missing. I thought I deleted it by accident but it is not in my trash file and I have not emptied my trash file. Any help to get to my pictures?
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          Need more details.
          You can see a thumbnail of an image - right?
          You get a file missing message when you, say, F11 - right?
          Open the Properties pane and see where the image is supposed to be - go check that it is there.
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            Thank you for responding. When I hit F11 I get the following message, "Th source file for the item you've selected to view cannot be found at the location stored in the catalog. It may have been moved and/or renamed. Please connect this catalog item to the source file."

            Below it shows the file as c:\documents and settings as shown above.
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              And are you sure you haven't moved or deleted the image? Because someone has. Experience suggests that it is almost definitely not PSA SE.
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                I am not sure of anything at this point. I deleted the images from the camera but not the file. I can see them on the screen but cannot acces them. It reads like I deleted or changed the file name.
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                  > I can see them on the screen

                  You can see the thumbnail. A database of thumbnails is maintained by PSA SE.

                  > It reads like I deleted or changed the file name

                  That's what it's saying.
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                    yes to both.
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                      I am having similar problems. It can not find the "missing" file. When I try to reconnect it can't. Help!
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                        I will suggest you to locate the missing file and then reconnect it manually using the "reconnect missing file" dialog.
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                          Can someone help please, all my files are missing, I can see them all,but when I enlarge one I get the message Searching for missing file,then cannot continue with your action,it requires one connected file, there is a small broken red square on each file, I or no-one else deleted them, any way I can get them back.
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                            You can only see the thumbnails, not the images. Select one of the missing images, open the Properties pane. You can then see exactly what folder PSA SE thinks the image file is in. Take a look - is it there? If not, you, someone or something moved/deleted it. I deem it very unlikely that PSA SE did anything to the image file.
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                              Have done what you suggest but to no avail,the strange thing is not all the files have gone, I have some left, if they were all gone I'd admit I'd done something stupid but to have some left I find very odd. If anyone else has experienced this I'd be very interested,meantime thanks for your help .
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                                > Have done what you suggest but to no avail

                                What exactly do you mean? The files are there and PSA SE isn't seeing them? Or have the files actually disappeared?
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                                  About 40 of the files have disappeared,gone,can see thumbnails but cannot locate them, still have about 10 which are there o.k. can work with them as normal. which is my point,cannot understand if I'd done something stupid that there's still some left.
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                                    I think I have the same problem. My pictures are there, I can see them. They are big and clear. But when I scroll down for the next one, a message says "Searching for missing file, cannot continue with your action." But the picture is right there behind the that message. When I cancel it and try to scroll to the next photo, the same thing happens with a different file number! It happens with every photo, over and over again, it is making me crazy(er)! HEEEEELP, Please
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                                      Same problem & I'm furious! Many of our photos are once-in-a-lifetime shots, ya know? If anyone discovers exactly "HOW" to recover these missing photos/files, please contact me too, ok? With no solution, I'll not trust Adoobe with MY pictures anymore....
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                                        smriti mehra Adobe Employee
                                        The way it works in PSa is that it just keeps the paths of files in the database and the file is phtsically located on the hard disc. If the file gets deleted from the hard disc, the PSa cannot find the file in the path located in the database and hence you get the missing file message. The PSA still shos the thumbnails of the file even when it is deleted from hard disc. If you have renamed/moved/deleted the file by mistake you can look for the file path by selecting the file properties(Alt+Enter on the file in catalog) and then clicking on the folder icon. This will open the folder where the file is/was located.You can also select File->Reconnect all missing files and see if the files get reconnected if they have been renamed or moved.
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                                          Looking at all the messages, this loss of files appears to be a major problem with the program!  The user doing just what the program encourages is trapped into inadvertently losing files and has no idea what happened or why!  I am really frustrated and upset at the program for allowing this to happen.  The situation screams for a class action to be started!  Anyone else want to join a class action?

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                                            Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



                                            The path to resolving the disconnected file problem is to locate them in the file system.


                                            The reason why you see so many people encountering this issue is because folks import their entire My Pictures folder into the program, then they routinely move, organize and re-organize their My Pictures folder, or move their picture files around, without realizing that it 'confuses' the database in Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements. The Adobe programs, now with inaccurate links to the files, reports that the files cannot be found.


                                            It's important to understand the cause, and effect, which are in play for this issue.


                                            Cause: Photos that have been imported into Album or Elements are moved, typically using the file system. I have done this myself, for example, when making folders and sub folders for years and months and events, after I've imported files into the program.

                                            Effect: Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements report that the files appear to be missing; to put it more accurately, they are not in the location where the program last knew that they existed.


                                            The way to avoid these issues is to NOT move files around the hard drive after they have been imported into Album or Elements, or to only use those programs' methods for creating new folders, and moving files around which have already been imported into the program.

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                                              vincentrlarson Level 1

                                              Thank you very much for the response to my problem.  In addition to apparently having lost years of pictures that are very important to me and cannot be replaced, my complaint against Adobe is that the program allows this to happen to innocent users.  Either the program should not allow it or there should be a way to recover the pictures.  I would hope to recover them, but so far no one is saying that I can do so.  It would not even help much if the recovery had to be done one photo at a time.  I have lost hundreds (maybe more) of my most valuable pictures, so tracking them down one at a time would not really by feasible.


                                              I appreciate your explanation of what happened, but it does not ease the anger and frustration of it.  Since Adobe apparently offers no way for me to recover my pictures, I will have to nurse my anger and look for a different program that does not lead me unwittingly into this situation.


                                              Thanks again.

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                                                Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



                                                It's genuinely heartbreaking to hear about lost files, because at one point or another, it's happened to so many of us, and photos are so valuable to us.


                                                I default to the hope that people simply moved files around in folders, and that simply broke the links, and that the files are not lost. But of course the worse scenario is always possible.


                                                The operating system was designed to allow peoplel to delete files. It's always the hope that people would only do this on purpose, and there are warnings along the way; Windows will warn you before deleting files, 'Are you sure you want to move this file to the recycle bin?'. Then they even stay in the recyble bin, allowing you to retrieve them if you didn't mean to delete them. But there were limits to what Starter Edition could do to interfere with file management functions in the operating system, and we were unable to augment file management with additional warnings or security, because of technical limitations (which we really did consider), so they don't exist.


                                                What makes it hard for people to understand or accept is that the previews that they may still see in Starter Edition were rendered when the files were present on the hard drive, but they are just miniature versions of files, they are not the originals themselves. It's agonizing to believe that files have been lost, but they exist in Starter Edition, and the fact is, they don't, despite appearances. The program sits 'on top' of the operating system, it does not replace it.


                                                If the files were recently deleted, and the hard drive space where the files used to reside has not be overwritten with other files, then there are file retrieval services and software that will try to restore accidentally deleted or corrupt files, but I've not been very successful myself using them, so I can't make any recommendations about what might work.


                                                I truly regret these cases, but I hope you can understand that the program is not the cause of loss, but just the messenger, so to speak, for the operating system, which does the actual managing of file storage, movement or deletion.

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                                                  You refer to the "Starter Edition" of PSE.  Is that the regular PSE Versions 5,6, and 11 which I purchased and have been using for several years with no problem?


                                                  You seem to think that I am trying to recover connections to files that I have knowingly deleted; that is not correct.  The "missing file" icon is appearing on many, many thumbnails that I have saved, organized into categories or subcategories, tagged and many of which I have then put into albums.  That is all I have done, and suddenly the "missing file" icon is appearing on the thumbnails and I cannot work with them or print them as I have been doing for many years.  What happened??


                                                  The only files that I have deleted from my Organizer and/or hard drive are images that I do not want and am not interested in trying to recover.

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                                                    Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

                                                    Photoshop Album Starter Edition and the Photoshop Elements Organizer both use the same database-system to make access to your files more convenient than the folder system. This information applies to handling disconnected files in either Starter Edition, or the Elements Organizer.


                                                    What you are seeing in Photoshop Album is that the links to the files (the source files, or originals) has been severed; either because the files were moved, or deleted. If the files were merely moved, then the Reconnect Missing Files command should help you reconnect those files. In that case, you can use the Reconnect Missing Files command to navigate to the place in your folder system where those files now exist. Usually, if you have several files that were put into a folder, you just need to reconnect one single file in that folder, and the rest of the folder will automatically get picked up by the program.

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                                                      The Reconnection Missing Files function does not do anything for my files.  The missing files do not seem to have been put into one or a few folders, but I will try that approach as you suggest.  Thank you for continuing to work on my problem.  I appreciate it.