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    Audio clips?

      How do you email movie clip/audio? I clicked on the MVI and then share, email, individual attachment, and then ok. Then it started to send, but was taking a long time, so after about five minutes, I cancelled.

      Thanks for any help.
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          Any advice at all?
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            Hi Marie,

            Photoshop Album Starter Edition sends the composed mail (individual attachment or PDF slideshow) to your Email client. You can set email client under Edit -> Preferences --> Email.

            Now if size of the attachment is too larger i.e. large video or audio file, then your email client might take longer time in sending email.

            I suggest your to check the attachment size and see if large attachment are not a problem with email cilent or internet connection that you are using.
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              Thank you for your reply. The file I was trying to email was a short clip with audio (someone playing the piano). (The movie was about 90 seconds long.)

              The size of it was approx. 15 MB and was taking forever to send... I have cable internet, and was sending it to someone who also has cable internet, but it's been in the process of 'sending' for about 30 minutes now, so I will just cancel it. There must be a better/quicker way of emailing it. I would have thought it'd only take a few seconds, since it's going from cable internet to someone that also has cable. Very frustrating. I'm guessing it's probably pretty obvious that I have lots to learn when it comes to computers. :)

              Thanks again.