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    Importing pictures from Nikon Coolwalker

      I would like to import pictures using Nikon coolwalker -a mass storage device (firmware 1.17)through a USB port. First the only way the photo downloader will recognize it is when I plug the usb cable in the coolwalker WHEN PHOTOSHOP ALBUM STARTER EDITION IS TURNED OFF AND WIN XP (SP2) ASKS ME WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH THE FILES. IT THEN LAUNCHES PHOTO DOWNLOADER. If I just launch the photo downloader when the coolwalker is already plugged and turned on, I get in Get photo from : none detected.

      More importantly, I would like to download the pictures starting with the oldest pictures first. I can then rename them and assign them a new number (since I have multiples pictures in different folders on the coolwalker with the same number). Actually they are downloaded with the more recent pictures first. How can I do that?

      Thank you in advance