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    Photoshop JPEG Characteristics?

      I am in the process of digitizing my 35mm slide collection. One objective is to be able to view the images on TV.

      I have been using the "Get Photos From Scanner" feature in Photoshop Starter Edition2 in conjunction with a Pacific Image 1800 Slide Scanner, saving the resulting images as jpeg.

      While the resulting images appear normal and presenting no problems in Windows Image Preview, the image files cannot be read by my DVD (on CD) or my SanDisk Photo Album (on an MMC card). The SanDisk gives a message no jpegs on card.

      On the other hand if I use Photo Impression or Corel Photo House to "Get Photos" from my scanner the resulting jpeg images images are readable by both the DVD and SanDisk Photo Album.

      It appears the jpeg format generated by Photoshop Starter Edition 2 must be different from the jpeg generated by the other imaging programs.

      I would appreciate any information on the the jpeg output from Photoshop and any suggestion how I could modify the images files to make them readable by the DVD and SanDisk since I have already scanned several hundred slides and really am not looking forward to rescanning the slides using the other imaging programs.

      Gordon Morley
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          Sorry, this makes no sense. PSA SE does not create the JPEGs - it simply invokes your scanner software to do it. I cannot account for the differences you are seeing.
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            I checked your contention that the scanner driver converts the scanned image to the jpeg format for my setup using SilverFast SE 6 to drive my Pacific Image 1800 Slide Scanner. For my setup the image leaves the driver in the tiff format around - 11 megabytes for a typical scan..

            In PS2SE if I bring up the scanner' button under edit/preferences' on the menu one has the choice of saving the file as a jpeg or tiff. I scanned a slide using the tiff option and high quality clicked on properties. The resulting image size was exactly the same as indicated by the SilverFast driver - 11 megabytes. I repeated the exercise using the PS2SE option for jpeg and the resulting image size was around 1 megabyte.

            This indicates that PS2SE does indeed perform the conversion to jpeg and the driver at least in my setup provides an uncompressed bitmap image. I grant this may not be the case with other scanner/driver setups.

            This still leaves me with my problem that jpegs from PS2SE are not recognized by my DVD or by my SanDisk Photo Album, while jpegs from both Corel PhotoHouse and Photo Impression are. There must be some characteristic of the jpeg from the PS2SE that differs from the other jpegs.

            I doubt if I'll upgrade to the full PhotoShop unless I can resolve this problem.

            Gorodn Morley
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              Every software has its own compression reading capabilities, maybe the SanDisk Photo Album it not able to read the JPEGs created by PSE. But still if u think that the problem is with PSE I suggest you log a bug at http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html.