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    Converting tiff  to JPEG

      So, i have adobe photoshop2.0 starter edition. i loaded about 4 pictures onto it from my digital camera, fixed them the way i wanted, and then went to put the on a website that only accepts jpeg or gif. turns out the photos i downloaded onto my adobe program were saved as tiff files. help me convert these photos to jpeg?

      thanks in advance. p.s. my email is tearsatdusk@hotmail.com
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          PSA SE does not have any means to convert image file types. Clearly your camera is set to create TIFFs. It probably has the means to make JPEGs.

          There are lots of programs out there that can convert image types - th efull paid-for PSA is one example. If you only want this 4 converted, email them to me and I'll do it for you.