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    Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0 - Photo Downloader causes computer to restart

      I upgraded my computer running Windows XP from Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 2.0 to 3.0. This put an icon, the Photo Downloader, on my task bar. When I turned my lap-top on it would load the desk top with no problems, but when loading the icons on the task bar it would get to the camera icon, there would be a long pause and my computer would shut down and restart. This happened intermittantly at first, than all the time. I uninstalled PhotoShop 2.0 and all its upgrades and 3.0. The problem resolved. I reinstalled PhotoShop 3.0 and the problem seems to have come back. Today as the camera icon loaded my computer shut down and restarted. The error reported is: Stop error caused by a device driver. I don't use the Photo Downloader. Can I remove it from my start up?