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    File moving  and Burning to CD's


      PART 1
      I'm using Starter version 2.0 and I saw in a prior posting a suggestion to use the "File -> Move" menu option to move pictures to new locations. My version does not seem to have this menu item (either usable or grayed out). Is this feature available in any other version of the "free" version or do you need to upgrade to the $ version and if so, what version (versions) of the full product have this feature?

      PART 2
      Due to disk space considerations, I need to burn many of my pics to CD or DVD and remove them from my hard drive. This will probably entail many CD/DVD's which I'll number in some manner. I'd like to have the thumbnail in the tool still be there, but point to the specific CD/DVD onto which it was copied instead of the hard drive. Can this be done in any automated way and if so how?

      Thanks -- Dan