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    Automated File Renaming

      I have tons of images that I'd like to rename, but because of the large number of files, I don't wan't to do it one image at a time. Is there a way to do an automated batch renaming using the date and time of each image as a bases for the new file name??? If not program doesn't do this, can anyone suggest a program that does? Thanks
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          PSA SE certainly can't do this. Actually, the whole point behind its existance is to avoid such messing with filenames.
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            Hi Chris! Hi Colin!
            At my system I installed Visual CD. Its a Freeware catalogue utility (You can view your removable media (maybe the only free cataloguer with thumbnail option), without inserting the original media at drive.
            1) Visual CD has a built-in renamer (from menu Extras->Advanced Rename, or from Path C:\Program Files\Visual CD doubleclick the adren.exe )
            2) Windows built-in Renamer. Select the files you want to rename, left-click the first one-> Rename.
            3)Other freeware renamers here:

            At my opinion the first choise is the better. 3 in 1. Cataloguer, Renamer, Splitter. Program's page here:

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :-)