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    Getting photos from mobile phone

      I can load photos via blue tooth to photoshop 3.0 starter just wondering it has a option to get photos from camara,phone ect my scanner is allowed what about the phone how do i get it to see the phone
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          Scanners have been around a long time - so their interface has become standardized [somewhat]. Camera phones are a different matter. There is less standardization. There should be a way for you to simply place the images in a folder. Then you can import into PSA SE.
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            Thanks I do have a way with blue tooth just thought because the program has the option there was something I was missing
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              Need some advice - We have a audiovox mobile camera phone with a mini SD card that goes into a sandisk usb card reader. The photos from the phone all show up as normal jpegs but neither Preview or Photoshop can open them.

              Photoshop Error message: Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found.

              Now if the photos are emailed thru Verizon they open fine. We were led to believe that the SD card would let us transfer photos from the phone to the Mac.

              Anyone have any ideas on why Photoshop CS can't open them?

              Thank you,
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                If you have Nokia Camera Phone compatible with Nokia PC Suite 6.5 (or above)
                then you can directly import photos from Nokia Camera Phone to PSA SE 3.0
                Install Nokia PC Suite 6.5 and then connect your Camera Phone either using
                USB connectivitly cable or bluetooth. Once connection is established, Adobe
                Photo Downloader of PSA SE 3.0 comes up for downloading photos and videos.

                For other camera phones, you need to copy images to a folder on the PC, set
                that folder as favorite folder in PSA SE 3.0 (Edit --> Preferences -->
                Favorite Folder) and PSA SE 3.0 will notify you if any new images are found
                in that folder.

                Do let us know if you face any problem.