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    PSA SE 3 fails to reload in same computer session!!!

      hey everyone ... or those interested enuf to visit this thread :)

      i have an issue:

      if in the same computer session, i open this app then close it [ctrl-k, exit or X], it fails to reload a 2nd time [a process instance flashes in task manager but the instance doesn't run].

      tm already shows a process instance from my 1st use of the app, if i click 'end process' it doesn't end but by 'end process' i can reload the app.

      a 2nd process runs in tm for the 2nd use of the app [the number of process instances concurs with the number of times i have used the app during the same computer session].

      i must click 'end process' in tm for EVERY instance before i can again reload the app [lets say i've used the app 7 times during that same computer session, then i must 'end process' the 7 instances in tm BEFORE i can open the app again [thus resulting in another process instance].

      can anyone help me with this issue!??!? i've logged a bug report and i'm disgruntled to learn that i won't get a response from them!!! *salutes adobe*

      i have a couple more issues [all since upgrading/updating to reader 7.5 and this app and i might have to rely on your collective heads to get it solved cos i doubt i'll get any relief from sending bug reports [after all, it could be my installation]. i have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times to try and sort it out myself, but i am failing and i'm beginning to lose patience.

      thanks and best regards
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          sorry ... me again ... needed to tick 'subscribe' for responses :)

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            Try this..go to this location and delete these 2 preference files.."C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\3.0\psa.prf" and "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop Album\3.0\apd.prf". Then reboot your system and relaunch the application..Hope this works!
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              thank you for your reply ... i very much appreciate it *smiles again*

              i've actually uninstalled the damn thing ... as i have done also with adobe reader [7.0.5 or something ... the current version anywayz] anticipating that uninstalling AND reinstalling the reader only would cure my ills ... UNFORTUNATELY, it didn't ... everytime i USE the reader, it too refuses to open if i *need* it during the same computer session AND it jams my log off/shutdown ... its another 'task manager ... end process' issue too ... methods of closing the program mess with my computer :/ ... so annoyed!!!

              this situation however i will reserve for an independent [sp???] thread...

              i will reply again to this once i have performed the *deletions* you have recommended for PSA SE 3 ... i think tho i need some answers regarding my *reader* issues first *scratches head*

              thank you diksha for your interest and i am sure, valuable information...

              rox :)))