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    How to stop Album 3.0 from launching when flash memory is inserted?

    (Dan_Franceski) Level 1
      When I plug in my Flash Memory stick, Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3.0 launches. I can't stop it. It ties up my PC. All I want to do is backup my Quicken database or a Word or Excel file, but the Album 3.0 program takes over my PC. (I did NOT have this problem with Album 2.0)

      I've already gone to Windows Explorer "File Types" and changed the "Open with" programs for jpeg and gif and tiff, etc., but that had no effect on the automatic launch when the flash memory stick is plugged in. (It did allow Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to launch when I double-click on a .jpg file.)

      I also searched the Registry for "Album" and found an entry for PSA SE 3.0 in a key called "componentlaunch.exe". After backing it up, I deleted the key and restarted the PC, but it did not help. Every time I insert my flash memory stick in a USB port I have to sit and wait for PSA SE 3.0 to launch so I can stop it in order get to my datafiles on the flash memory.

      Anyone know how to fix this?