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    Missing Photos


      I've been using Adobe Photoshop 2.0 Starter Edition that came with one of my other software programs as a free utility. After the temp period I duly registered it, and it has been my default photo manager when I download my digital camera into the computer.

      Recently my computer's BIOS became corrupted and I had to turn it into a repair shop, which did a repair reinstall of Windows XP, saving (I thought) all my data. Upon the return of the computer, I went through the various folders to ensure that my important data was still there. Guess what...everything is there except the photos stored in Photoshop's "My Catalog". Since the repair reinstall doesn't wipe data, my pics have to be on the hard drive somewhere. They don't pop up when I do a *.*jpg search, so I think they must be stored under some other file type.

      In the Adobe folder where the catalogs are held, there are two batch files, each several megabytes in size, where I think my photos may be. Can anyone help me access these? I just recently got "backup religion", but no, these photos were not yet backed up. I also think Windows might be hiding the files somewhere.

      If anyone has an opinion, I'd sure appreciate some help,

      Lee Frazier
      Alexandria, VA
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          sorry, in the message above, I meant to say "cache files", not "batch files". Duh. Anyway, they're .psa files, several megabytes in size.
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            Sorry. Your photos will be in JPEG files. PSA SE just catalogs what you have - it doesn't store them. I don't recall the default import location, but if a search for *.jpg fails, I have a bad feeling ...
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              Thanks Colin,

              But what on earth could have happened to them? Repair reinstall doesn't destroy files. Nor would a BIOS corruption have done so. I'm flummoxed -- and I'm pretty sure I didn't even spell that right.

              I guess I'm not seeing how JPG's could be overwritten, or erased, unless I specifically did it with the delete key. Every other bit of data is intact on the computer.

              Perhaps they'll turn up as hidden files. I'll manipulate my files settings tonight and see what happens.


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                They could be in a hidden folder. Make them visible in WE and try another search.
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                  I have successfully in stalled Photoshop album .3. I have also downloaded photos some of which I am able to locate. However, downloading is erratic. What method should I use in filing them? The camera seems only to instantly download at which time I will see them but then never again can they be found. Where do they go and how do I find them? Bill James Toronto Canada
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                    I downloaded photoshop starter in 2005 and have uploaded only one item until today when I uploaded the photos in my digital camera. This happened very rapidly. While I was trying to find out about deleting some of them because they had previously been loaded I went off the page, when I returned the newly uploaded photos were gone and I have been unable to locate them. Since the card was full I erased all of the photos on it because they all had been loaded into the computer. But where are they???
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                      > I went off the page

                      What does this mean?

                      Are you saying that you imported some pics into PSA SE and now when you start the program they are not shown?
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                        Hi Lee,

                        Are you not seeing the images in the catalog or are you seeing them but with a red broken icon on them?