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    photo email failure

      What is the trick to email selected individual photos from Photo Shop 3.0? I highlighted the photos, went to file & email selection, obtained the email screen, entered the addresses [including my own to show delivery], found the pictures attached, single & double click send, the screen disappears & I can not find it. I have tried 4 different times to send these over 3 different days. Each time I get out of Photo Shop to a email screen that appears to be compatable with Outlook Express & the screen is gone when I click send. I can not find the screen in sent or outbox areas. This screen has a notice that says " This message has not been sent" so I click send to no avail. This must be a simple problem!! My operating system is Windows XP home edition. Also I wish to take all of my photos to a different installed photo shop. How do I accomplish such transfer? TY Bob
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          Are you sure that you have an account configured in Outlook? Album SE will open the default email client which is set up on your system. You can change default email client through control panel --> Internet options. Try setting the email client to hotmail(or where you have an account) and send the pictures from that account.