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    Trouble upgrading to Photoshop Elements 4.0

      Hi there,

      I received the upgrade to Elements 4.0 for Christmas (downloaded and saved to CD). My computer refuses to read the lone file on the CD--or rather, it takes at least 5 minutes to read it, and then gives me an error message. My computer is such a mess anyway that I have decided to F-disk it and start all over. I have over 7000 photos in my catalog at PSA SE 3.0, with lots of tags, captions, collections, and notes listed in the properties, all of which I would like to save because it would be next to impossible to do all over again.

      Now here's the next flavor of ice cream in my sundae of technologically-induced suffering: I have been experimenting with Picasa2 as well, and I accidentally renamed and reorganized a whole bunch of my photos and folders using Picasa so that they had to be reconnected once I got back into PSA SE. The folders my pictures are stored in are now an ungodly mess and I still have hundreds of pictures to reconnect. I don't want to plug these folders into my upgrade just the way they are--I would much rather reorganize them first. All of these files are backed up, but many of them are backed up under the old names. I could back up all 7000 photos again, but the folders would still be a disorganized mess. Is there any way to rename and reorganize the folders without having to reconnect all of them in PSA SE? Am I going to have to back everything up again regardless? I'm also concerned about losing my captions, tags, notes, etc. when I reorganize or after backing everything up and F-disking. If I save the MyCatalog.PSA file, how will I be able to reconnect its contents with the correct photos later on?

      I somehow think this would all be much easier if my upgrade CD would work, but either way I'm planning to F-disk to get rid of the partitions in my computer. Any advice?