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    Reconnecting to Source File

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          I have pictures in the Photoshop Starter Ed. 2.0 but when I want to view them in single format or attach them to e-mail, I am told that the program cannot find the source file. The date is on the picture but they are not in any file in the browser. How can I get them. They are still in the album - not "ghost" files as the help desk suggested. What can I do?
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            You need to explain more carefully. PSA SE only catalogs what's on your hard disk. Seeing a thumbnail [with a date] does not mean the image file is there. A quick check is to select a thumbnail and hit F11. Then what happens?
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              Thanks, Colin. When I do as you suggest it gives me that same message: cannot locate source file. It is possible that the photos were removed when (I thought) I was copying them to a disc. Is it possible to put these photos back in the album if I insert the disc or is it necessary? I had wanted to attach some to an e-mail. I guess I could just do that from the disc. I guess I should be happy to have the extra space in the album. Question though, if they really are not there, why do they show in my album.
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                > Question though, if they really are not there, why do they show in my album.

                It thinks they are somewhere, but they aren't.

                Select such an image and look at the Properties pane. This shows you the pathname to the image. Does it make any sense to you?
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                  Hi again. There is a date on the slide for which there is no folder in My Pictures. When I click on the properties pane it highlights an empty folder with the wrong date. Weird?
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                    It seems you have deleted the images from their original location unknowingly. So what i would suggest is try finding that image on your system and then on double clicking the image, the reconnect dialog box opens up, reconnect the image to the new location(on the system).
                    Photoshop Album Starter Edition shows only a thumbnail in the catalog. This actually will be linked to the source image.
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                      Thanks. I will try that. Will it work if I have removed them to a CD? (I think my son may have done that when he was cleaning the computer - in case they were lost in the process.

                      Is the "dialogue box" on Adobe? Sorry if I seem clueless.
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                        Yes, i think that should work. Just copy the images back to the system to a known location and then re-connect them using the above steps.
                        Yes, the dialog box comes in Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition.
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                          I'm a new user of Photoshop 3.0 starter edition and stupidly and accidentally deleted all my photo files. From reading the several questions and answers in this forum I realise I cannot retrieve them.

                          I did however discover how I could recover a copy of the most important ones, although the quality is reduced and the job is tedious. But if the picture is important, it's a lifesaver.

                          When the thumbnail is displayed, hit the "Print Screen" key. Then open the "Paint" program . Under the Edit menu click Paste. You then have a picture of your screen. Print this picture. Then scan the print
                          and crop the desired area. Save to a file. You now have a file of the missing picture from which you can print a reasonably good result, or recatalogue the picture to Adobe.

                          Hope this helps.