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    transfering photos to ipod

      Hey. I've tried to put photos to my ipod, buy it doesnt seem to work. Can someone who has done it tell me how to do it. Thankyou.

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          You can upload your photos from Photoshop Album 2.0/Photoshop Elements 3.0 or higher catalog to ipod. Launch iTunes and under ipod options go to "Photos" tabs. There you can specify which application you want to use for uploading your photos.

          Complete video of transferring photos from Photoshop Album to ipod is available on Apple's website. Here is the link

          let me know if this works for you.
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            Disregard this message...I finally got it to work!
            I have tried everything I have read here about putting photos on my ipod video with no success. When I hook up my ipod to my computer and click on the ipod icon in itunes I still do not see a tab here or in preferences for photos. I have the newest version of itunes ( Any ideas? It shouldn't be this hard if you don't own a mac!
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              Is your iPod a photo capable iPod? Otherwise, it is really easy. In itunes (7.3) when your iPod shows up under devices click it and yo should have a number of tabs for setting preference for syncing. If your ipod is capable of displaying photos then you should have a photos tab. If you organiz your photos into collections/albums, then you can pick specific ones to sync. Pretty easy.